A New Autumn Look

Do you notice that the color of leaves start changing and the temperature begins to cool down? That’s right! We are ushering into the autumn season. The fall season calls for hot latte, cozy sweater and of course a new hairstyle! Do not get stuck in your old same hair color. Whether you want a permanent hairstyle change or simply want to refresh your current look, it’s the perfect time for you to take your hair color up a notch. Take a peek at the following pictures and prepare for your next big hair move.

Brown series

The seasonal shifts takes us from warmer months to cooler breezes. It seems to be a hint that it’s time to change your hair color. Many of us are thinking of switching up hair color to a warm tone. When speaking of warm tone hair color, brown deserves a place. Instead of bright and vibrant hair color in summer, brown color is deep, rich, and perfect for the fall season. Going darker for fall doesn’t mean taking dramatic leaps in your overall look.  If you are not ready to take plunge in bold colors, brown can be an alternative. This color continues to be on trend season after season and we’ve yet to grow tired of it.

Even for the brown series, you still have a wide range of options. For the dark brown color, you might think it’s nothing different from black. But if you look at the dark brown hair in the sun, you’ll see a great amount of shimmer at different angles of sunlight. Chestnut brown is perfectly paired hue combos and easily brighten up any look. A bit of ombre effect adds more dimension and can beautifully frame the face. Honey brown is lighter than other brown colors, making it perfect for those who transitioning from lighter summer highlights.

Blonde series

No matter the season, color transformation is always the name of the game. If you’re contemplating making a hair-color change to spruce up your look this fall but still find yourself in search of inspiration, you’re not alone. But no worries! We got you an option: blonde. When blonde meets fall, you’ll reap unexpected effect. You really can't go wrong with blonde as blonde can be regarded as the representative color of autumn, symbolizing harvest and achievement. 

Not quite ready to take the leap of the golden blonde bridge? Consider a few shades lighter like this ash blonde or 613 blonde. The light blonde hair can still warm-up your complexion. Both curly or straight blonde styles will evoke a playful warm feel. It’s truly a go-to option for those looking to brighten up rather than tone down their strands. Blondes can have fun all year round, the right blonde shade can offer a demure appeal. The high gloss effect from blonde hue beautifully complements both your skin tone and eyes.

Red series

If you want to be bold and bright all year long, adventurously choose red strands as your fall hair color. Let’s face it, some hair colors are meant to inspire and entice for a season. Red color is perfect for those looking to revamp their look totally. The bold redhead look draws people’s full attention while you are walking on the streets. The turn-round effect is one hundred percent. In contrast to those conservative hair color people usually turn to in fall, the red tone opens a new path for your autumn look.

Red hair can be often seen in red carpet and only a small amount of people are dare to try this color, but it’s undoubtedly a perfect color to glow-up your current look. Sometimes you don’t have to keep a low profile all the time. The fiery red seems especially radiant and dynamic in autumn, which truly accentuates the gorgeous undertones in your skin. Someone said that it’s easy to feel sad in fall. Well, adjust your mood by rocking a red hairstyle. Don’t feel worried that red does not look good on your head. There are no style limits except the limits we put on ourselves.

Orange series

Just like the radiant red hair, orange color offers you another option. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement this fall if the goal is a complete revamp. You don't have to immediately go darker just because the summer months are over.  If you thinking about a dramatic color revamp, take a look at the orange color. It adds the warmth of fall by the bright and dynamic color and luster. Maybe bright orange appears to be too eye-dazzling for you and you don’t want to enjoy the feeling of all eyes on you, then sweet orange is the one for you.

Orange is certainly another color that makes you stand out in the crowd. It brings you visual stimulation and positive energy in the autumn. You can tuck the straight orange hair behind your ears to show off your face and collarbone or whip your hair into a low ponytail. The orange curly hair also provides dimensional and eye-catching effect. Versatile styles add warmth to your fall ensemble and orange tone complements any fall-inspired outfits. Thanks to risk-taking moves with your hair, you are about to warm up your look for fall!

There are people who dare to go with a bold color, there are others who feel more comfortable with an common color. Whatever your preference, we are encouraging you to try some new hair colors. If there are no limits to rocking color, put yourself on trend from the get-go. Get yourself ready for autumn! What’s your hair color for autumn? Comment below to tell us your choice.

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