Adding Roots to A Wig with Sharpie Method

Adding roots to a wig is one of the ways to customize a wig. If you just finish dyeing a wig, then adding roots will make the dyeing result look better and more complete. But a lot of people will go to the salon when their roots come out after dyeing. Actually having rooted hair is gradually becoming a hair trend. The reason why rooted hair become popular is because it gives wig wearers option to combine any two colors and it turns out to more natural than expected. Besides dyeing the roots, using sharpie ink to add roots to wigs is an alternative method.

What you need: For this method, you’re going to prepare alcohol-based markers like sharpies, 70% isopropyl alcohol, Q-tips, hair clips and a comb.

Step 1: Sectioning the hair. Starting at the bottom of the wig cap, use your comb to separate out the hair. Parting wigs is easier than parting real hair because you have wefts to follow. So you know you are going in a straight line. Once you have a starting section at the base of your wig, clip all of the rest of the hair up out of your way.

Step 2: Coloring the weft hair. Using a sharpie that is whatever color you want your roots to be and start coloring them on there. You can make them however long or short you want. Just color across the whole weft.

Step 3: Applying alcohol and blending. Put rubbing alcohol onto a Q-tip and use it to blend that root edge out. The alcohol on the Q-tip will make it so that you manipulate your dyes a little bit. By doing so, you can pull down the sharpie color and blur the lines between sharpie and the color of the wig.

Step 4: Coloring the top hair. And then you just go weft by weft, starting at the bottom and working your way up until you finish coloring every other weft on the whole wig. Once you get to the top of the cap, depending on your wig, it may have a skin part, which doesn’t use a wefting system. If that’s the case, just section off thin layers of hair and keep on coloring.

Step 5: Brushing the hair. Once you finish all the coloring, you’ll love how these roots look like on the wig. When you brush the wig, you can see it’s rooted all the way through. You don’t have to worry about wind blowing and revealing a half-rooted wig. If you run your fingers through the wig, you know it’s gonna look bomb.


1.This process takes a long time, but it really is the best way to add roots to a wig. Just put on a movie and get to coloring! And if you are in a hurry, you could just do the top half of the wig. But for the best results, you’d better root the whole wig.

2.Following along the wefts is a great way to make sure that you get every little hair and aren’t missing any patches. There is literally no hair on this wig that isn’t attached to either a weft or the top of the cap. So you can’t miss any hairs if you go weft by weft. Covering all of the roots on the wig is going to make it look the most natural because roots grow all over our heads.

3.Speaking of making it look more natural, you can use medium to dark brown or black sharpies to create natural colored roots. You can add them to any wig and any wig color except black because it wouldn’t show up.

4.One thing you need to know is the color transfer. The ink transfers to your clothes or costumes. Sharpie ink that hasn’t been rinsed out can transfer to your clothing. But since roots don’t really touch clothes, you can simply leave them as is. If this is something you are worried about, there are ways to seal sharpie dyes, such as floor wax, hairspray and all kind of things.

If you still think the sharpie method is time-consuming and you don’t want to spend too much time on it, you can just buy a new human hair wig or synthetic wig that has dark roots. More synthetic lace front wigs with dark roots are available at Come and find the one you like!

At present, dark roots are more common in the wig market. If you are looking for roots of other colors, the sharpie method would be a great way achieve that look. Moreover, add wig root color to a wig to make it look more authentic, and no one would even be able to tell you are wearing a wig. What’s your idea towards rooted wig and what’s your measure to root a wig?

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