Are You Using the Right Wig Brushes

Your hair status greatly affect your appearance, especially when you are wearing a wig. If your hair looks tangled and messy, people will just want to stay away from you. To keep your hair in a good condition, the right styling tool is necessary which includes wig brushes and combs. Besides, given the higher quality of wigs nowadays, special care and attention is essential so that you can get the most life from them. It also means that you will be getting the most for your money in the long run.

The regular brushes are a little rough for wigs and may pull the strands off or result in hair breakage. So the styling tools used for wigs should be specially designed. If you do not, you may risk damaging your wig fibers from tools and treatments that are too aggressive. A wig brush or wig comb is a must-have for any wig wearer. These do a fantastic job of helping you achieve the exact style you want while treating your wig with the appropriate, gentle manipulation it needs. 

Why should you use wig brush?

As we all know, wig fibers are very fragile. If you brush them too aggressively, it could easily break off. Well, wig brush is especially designed for wigs and it has gently cushioned bristles so it doesn’t impose too much tension on the hair strands. Besides, the cushioned bristles make it safe for those who have sensitive scalp. As long as you put on your wig, it will get tangled somehow. Using wig brush to detangle your wig will help extend the life of it. What’s more, wig brush is suitable for both synthetic wigs and human hair, and serve as a useful tool to style your wigs too.

Wig brushes VS Wig combs

There are differences between wig brushes and wig combs. Most people don’t know when to use the brush and when to use the comb. Actually wig comb mainly helps you untangle the hair when the hair is wet and won’t break the hair. It’s also good for spreading hair nurturing and styling products to every hair strand. Wig brush is mainly used to style the hair and help you achieve your desired style. But remember not to use wig brush to brush the hair when it’s still wet, it may result in breakage. It’s suggested to use wig brush and wig comb interchangeably to keep your wigs in right condition all the time.  

How to choose the right wig brush?

There are many different types of wig brushes. And they may focus on different aspects to help you take proper care of your hair. It’s necessary for you to understand them so that you won’t use the wrong tool and damage the hair. Wig brushes and combs are designed specifically for synthetic and human hair wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions. Figure out what is the correct wig brush or comb for your wig to offer the best care for your hair!

Paddle brush

Perfect for both human hair and synthetic wigs, Paddle Brush features thin, strong but flexible bristles that glide through the hair effortlessly to remove any tangles. This brush is perfect for use on wet hair or synthetic fibers and gentle enough to use at the lace front area.

Loop Pin Hair Brush is perfect for detangling, smoothing and managing wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions. Loop pins will not get caught in the hair knots so it is great for detangling and straightening hair. Loop pins are gentler and produce a far smoother finish than a normal hair brush - no flyaways!

Vent Hair Brush is perfect for styling and creating volume with wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions. Vent brushes will not get caught in the delicate hair knots, so it won't cause hair shedding. Perfect for faster thermal styling due to wide vents and is ideal for detangling and adding volume for soft, free-flowing results.

Wide-toothed wig Comb is perfect for for both human hair and synthetic fiber wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions. This comb is used to detangle hair and evenly distribute conditioner through wet hair. The wide spaced teeth prevent breakage and damage to the hair. Rounded teeth are gentle on the hair, without pulling or snagging.

How to brush your wig?

Always brush your tangled wigs firstly with your hands. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Be patient and detangle your hair gently with your fingers especially for large knots. During the brushing process, some hair loss is normal, as the raw edges of the cut wefts will be prone to unraveling a little bit over time. So don’t be panic. While brushing, you could use some gels or mousse, which will add volume and style to your hair and keep your hairs in place all day long. Click here to know more details about how to brush a synthetic wig.


A wig brush will help you keep your wig neat and in the proper style. Using the correct products will help extend the lifespan of both wigs and hair extensions. So invest in the right brushes and combs to prolong the life of your wig! Have you got any advice while choosing the right wig brush?

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