Can You Swim in A Wig

Do you know what’s the biggest fun in summer? Of course, it’s swimming or treading water. The place for a cool summer is definitely the pool or the beach. The summer won’t be complete without swimming. However, this pleasant water activity may pose a challenge to wig wearers. What if the wigs come off during swimming? That would be an extremely embarrassing scenario. So is that possible to enjoy the pleasure of swimming while wearing a wig? The short answer is yes! As long as you follow the wig swimming rules below, you can totally enjoy swimming without ruining your wig hairstyle.

Get a cheaper swim wig

Expensive wigs aren’t always the best when it comes to swimming. Before you indulge yourself in the swimming pleasure, you should know that chlorine in swimming pool and salt in sea water can actually damage both synthetic hair and human hair. Chlorine is a harsh substance that can stretch out your wig and cause discoloration. Salt will draw moisture out of your wigs and leave your hair dull, brittle and lifeless. Long periods of immersion in pool water or salt water will also damage the wig cap too.

So when you decide to swim in a wig, never choose your favorite or expensive wig, you don’t want to suffer the pain of ruining them. You could purchase a cheaper wig or take one of your old wigs as your dedicated swim wig. So that you won’t get too upset when the chlorine or salty sea water ruins your wig styles. The damage is inevitable, so it’s highly recommended using synthetic hair over human hair. Not only for the price reason, but also the synthetic fiber is lighter and it holds the shape better when it gets wet.

Use waterproof wig adhesive

Common wig glue or tape may work on regular basis, but they are not strong enough to hold up to large amounts of moisture or pressure from diving and jumping. If you go swimming using usual wig glue or tape, don’t be surprised if your wig fall off. To keep your wig in place, make sure to purchase waterproof wig adhesive product that can provide you maximum security while swimming with wig. Just remember that you’ll have to ensure the the adhesive dries completely before you go into the water, otherwise even water-based adhesive cannot secure your wig in the water.

Braid your wig

You’ve probably seen some Youtube videos about influencers testing whether it’s possible to swim in a wig. Normally they will wear a wig with the hair down and then jump into to the swimming pool. Actually it’s not a wise behavior because when the hair gets wet it will drag the hair off your head and pull out the wig cap. And the wet hair get tangled easily. So to solve this wet hair issue, braid your hair before you start your wig swimming journey. So that you will look just as great whether the hair is wet or dry, and it’s much more cool and refreshing for you.

Seek for extra security

Sometimes even the strongest waterproof adhesive cannot secure the wig completely. To make yourself assured and avoid hairless situation, you probably need a little extra security. You’ve got plenty of choice, such as wig clips, a scarf or head band, or a swim cap. But swim cap is always so tight and it can easily ruin the wig style. So if you do not plan to fully submerge yourself in water, swim cap isn’t the optimal choice to protect your wig hair. A cute side braid and extra security work together to keep your wig in position and you don’t need to worry about your look while having fun in the water.

After-swimming wig care

After-swimming wig care cannot be stressed enough: condition your wig as soon as you come back from swimming. As mentioned before, chlorine and salt in the water can seriously dry out the fibers. Only proper care can extend the lifespan of your wig. Wash your wig to get rid of the harsh chemicals, and use rich, ultra-nourishing conditioner to help bring some hydration back. This will help help counteract any dryness caused by the exposure and keep the wig look healthy. A leave-in conditioner spray can also work to seal in moisture and protect your wig from the elements and sun.

Don’t be afraid to go swimming in your wig. If you secure your wig properly, you won’t have anything to worry about. You should feel as confident and beautiful as you do usual. Follow the tips listed above, you can totally swim in a wig and have a great time in the hot summer. 

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