Can You Wear A Wig Every Day

Is it possible to wear a wig every single day? The short answer to the question is YES. You actually can wear a wig every single day as long as you take good care of the hair underneath the wig. Meanwhile, there are some tips to make your hair neat and clean. So your edges don’t get snatched in the process! When done right, a wig can be worn every day. If you are not into being versatile with wigs or you don’t have enough budget for buying wigs with different styles and colors, then this passage is a must-read for you.

Wash the wig before wearing. For hygiene reason, it’s not suggested to wear the wig straight out of the box. When you take the wig out of the package, it still remains the shape of the packaging, which makes it look synthetic. So wash the wig firs and style it yourself to present a natural look. Or you can take it to the hairstylist for styling.

Wash the wig regularly. It is okay to wear a wig every day. But wearing a wig every day will eventually cause dirt buildup. The dust and dirt in the environment, cigarette smoke you are exposed to, and the makeup or glue residue all accumulate on the wig. So be sure to wash both the wig and your own hair routinely. Make sure your hair and scalp is always clean and there is no odor. Under normal circumstance, it’s fine to wash the wig about every 2 weeks. Your own hair and scalp also need to breathe for a second sometimes.

Avoid wigs with wild colors or outrageous styles. Since it’s a everyday wear wig, a wig with bold color or odd styles is definitely not your option. if you want to wear the same wig every single day, make sure it’s versatile and ordinary. So you can wear it on different occasions without worrying about being too conspicuous. A proper everyday wig should fit for both formal events and errands running.

Sensitive test of glue adhesive. If you are the type of person who love using human hair. It definitely involves adhesive a lot of times. If you don’t like to take off every night, you have to test the glue adhesive that you are using. You might be sensitive to it on contact or you might be sensitive to it over a period of days. If you are sensitive, your hairline may have a breakout and you may have bumps and stuff on your forehead. It maybe because the glue is on your head too long and you have oily skin. Or maybe you use too much glue adhesive.

Glue adhesive alternatives. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, oily skin or anything of that nature, test the glue adhesive so that you don’t cause any damage. If you find that you’re sensitive then you can use things like elastic band method or you can just go the route of using got2be glue because it’s a gel, not an actual glue. You can take it off at night and reapply it next day. Got2be glue is not super permanent the way glue adhesive is, but it still allows you tack your wig down well.

Properly remove the wig. Make sure removing your wig properly. Never pull, tug or rip your wig off. You’ve laid glue adhesive or got2be glue down on your hairline. If you just rip it off, you are pretty much waxing your hairline. That’s how you end up losing your edges. Get the glue remover from the company where you get the glue adhesive. Or got2be glue can get off of water or you can use rubbing alcohol. That’s typically the generic way to get any lace piece off your head.

Do not sleep in a synthetic wig. There is not really a glue issue to worry about synthetic wigs. But it’s not recommended gluing synthetic wigs down with adhesive because you don’t want to sleep in it. You don’t want to put too much wear and tear on them. Sleeping in a wig will cause tangle and shedding easily. You can tell when a synthetic wig has some wear and tear. The ends will start to get real thick and unravel a little bit. It will start looking like real worn and kind of oily if you don’t wash it with fabric softener and detergent stuff like that.

Make wig look more natural. Wearing wigs every day without being noticed is the ultimate goal for wig wearers. Synthetic wigs are not look like as authentic as human hair wigs. If you are worrying that wearing synthetic wigs every day will not be that natural looking and people can easily notice that you are wearing a wig. Don’t be. Here are some tips for you to follow and feel confident to wear synthetic wigs every single day.

1)Consider getting wig with a fringe. It hides the hairline and people won’t instantly think it’s a wig because the hairline that obviously gives wig away has been hided.

2)Get a wig that has more than one color. Sometimes some synthetic wigs are just solid strands of the plastic. The same color is not going to look like real hair at all. A dark root instantly gives that depth of a natural color. Or you could choose one that fades into a lighter color at the end, which is quite nice to add that depth of reality.

3)Wear some sort of hair accessory. A lot of people wear hats. If you are not so much a hat indoors kind of person, a bandana can also help. It keeps your wig in place and distracts people’s attention from the hairline.

4)Take some hair away from your face. Leave some hair to cover the hairline and take some hair, push it up to give it a bit of a shape and volume. People usually expect wigs to lie flat and not the styled up. But taking some hair away form the face just somehow gives it a slightly more real look.

No wig can last forever. But with proper care, you can still wear a wig every day and make the most of each wig. The most important thing is to you’re your own scalp and hair clean. What are your thoughts on wearing wigs everyday?

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