Deep conditioning Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are always favored by people for their realistic and natural looking, but they cost much more money than synthetic wigs. That’s why we need to pay attention to the maintenance of human hair wigs especially to make them last longer and make them well worth the money you spent. With all the different things you may do to your wigs, like curling, straightening, dyeing or any other styling, undoubtedly your wig hair will be damaged to varying degree. It’s important to give your wigs a little extra treatment to keep hydrated. Your own hair stay hydrated by continuous flow of oils from your scalp, while human hair wigs don’t. Check this blog to know how to moisture your wigs.

When a wig comes straight out of the box, on first look you can definitely tell that the wig looks hydrated. As you wear it for several times, you may find it a little dry, clumpy or frizzy, which means it's time for a deep conditioning treatment! Human hair wigs need to be maintained with moisture. Using the right human hair wigs care products plus some heat is the best way to get your human hair feeling swishy, sleek and beautiful again. To properly care for your human hair wigs, it’s necessary to wash and condition them every six to eight wears. And deep conditioning is demanded every three to five washes. A wash routine for human hair wigs will hydrate and restore the moisture. This routine can be done for straight, wavy, curly or whatever silky texture hair that you have.

How to deep condition human hair wigs?

Step1: Before we start deep conditioning the wig, always wash and clean your wig first to remove all those dirt, glue or makeup. Then let it air dry or if you are in a hurry you can blow dry it on medium heat.

Step 2: Attach the wig to your Styrofoam head with t-pins. Properly pin your wig in place as always to at the top and bottom of the ear tabs and then one at the nape. Remember to cover the Styrofoam head with a plastic bag because you don’t want it to get dirty with a bunch of conditioning product. Be careful not to stretch out the cap when you are putting the wig on the Styrofoam head.

Step 3: Get out your paddle brush and remove tangles from your human hair wigs. Apply your conditioner intended for human hair wigs. Work it through the hair from the mid-length all the way through the ends. Do not apply this to the root and concentrate on the ends. Because the hairs are coming into contact with your clothes at the ends and that’s where you get the most friction. That hair needs the most attention and moisture.

Step 4: Go ahead buy yourself a shower cap from the drugstore and cover the wig inside the shower cap. If you don’t have shower cap, any plastic bag should work too. Take out your blow-dryer and apply medium heat all over and let it cool. You may wonder why you need to apply heat to the wig while it has conditioner on it. It is because the cuticles will open and the hair will swell and it will help soak up that moisture. The heat will also increase the amount of product that being absorbed into the hair.

Step 5: Leave the shower cap and the wig on the Styrofoam head for about fifteen to thirty minutes to allow for everything to soak in nice. Rinse the wig with cool running water. You can do this in our kitchen sink and use the little sprayer head, or just go to your shower if you have detachable shower head. Keep the wig cool by running water from the roots to the ends.

The purpose of deep conditioning is so that you can extend the life of your human hair wigs and the hair doesn’t end up feeling like straw. It will also help keep the color longer. There is a trick to deep conditioning: don’t get it into the knots. The reason why is because if you deep condition those knots, they are going to get all slippery and slick and then before you know it your wig is going start losing hair.

How to moisture human hair wigs?

As we mentioned before, deep conditioning for human hair wigs is required every three to five washes. But sometimes the wig just looks dry and frizzy after several wears, which may be resulted from the harsh environment temperature or you’ve used too much heat on it. In that case, it’s necessary to know how to moisture human hair wigs from time to time. Moisturizing your wigs won’t be so complex than deep conditioning wigs and it’s much convenient to do at anytime of the time. Proper care of your wigs will help them last longer and give you good hair days at the same time.

Step 1: Before you spray any water on your wig, put some conditioner in that water. It’s helpful to add extra moisture and reduce frizz. Brush the hair out with a spiky brush or diamond brush. Remember to start at the ends of the hair. Then take the water and conditioner mix and spritz it all over the hair. Make sure to get the hair ends and roots nice and moisturized.

Step 2: After that, take your brush to brush the hair through. If your wigs are curly hair, the more you rake the brush through the hair, the more well-defined your spiral curls will be at the ends. When you are brushing, make sure the hair is saturated with the water and conditioner mix. Otherwise the wig will become a little bit more frizzy.

Step 3: Last, get some hair mousse and apply it all over you hair. The hair mousse is very important. Find one with quality because hair mousse with too much alcohol is going to dry your hair badly. Dry hair leads to tangles and tangles leads to shedding. Find more reasons about why lace wigs tangle and shed here. So be very careful on the products that you use on your wigs.

A lot of times you get your human hair wigs and the first thing you think about is wearing them. You are thinking about the application of wigs but the maintenance of the hair is also of the same importance. Give your human hair wigs extra moisture to extend their lifespan and get your money well-worth. What’s your way to deep condition your human hair wigs?

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