Easily Made Mistakes About Synthetic Wigs

An increasing number of girls have realized the benefits and fun of wearing synthetic wigs. You are able to find quality synthetic wigs on the market. They are affordable and versatile and you can change your style immediately. However, for first time wig wearers, there are some mistakes that are easily making. Sometimes you can really do some serious damage to a synthetic wig by being careless. The following information will be a good reminder for both brand-new and seasoned wig wearers.

Use heat appliances on regular synthetic wigs X

Some of kind of dry heat like a hair dryer or curling iron on a non-heat-friendly synthetic style will spell trouble, which dries it out and breaks down fiber. It’s not going to last as long and it’s likely to frizz up the first time that you try it. If you want to add some lift or make it straighter or whatever the case may be, you’d better use more of a moist heat with steam rather than the dry heat. Also remember that if you are heat styling a heat-friendly synthetic wig, always try to use a protectant spray. It will help protect those fibers.

Use shampoo/conditioner used for natural human hair X

Never use regular shampoo mint for natural human hair to a synthetic wig. The shampoo typically contains some sort of sulfates and more harsh types of ingredients that can really erode the integrity of a synthetic fiber very quickly. So just stay away from shampoo and conditioners used for bio hair and use a product that is approved for synthetic wigs.

Scrub or agitate the wig too aggressively X

When you are washing a synthetic wig, do not scrub it too heavily or aggressively or agitate it when it’s in the wash basin too aggressively. You can really cause lots of tangles and knots and damage the fibers. And avoid wringing it to dry. What you should do is to roll it up in a dry towel. Take a towel, fold it in half, put the wig in and press it with all your hands until all the water kind of seeps into that towel. This helps from dripping and then let it dry the rest of the way by hanging it upside down or on a wig stand.

Comb or brush a wet or damp wig X

After you’ve washed your synthetic wig, do not comb or brush it while it’s still wet or damp. This will stretch the synthetic fiber to the point where it cannot come back to its original style. You will end up with warping the style and perhaps damaging or breaking off the fibers.

Store your wigs tightly stretched over a Styrofoam wig head X

If you store your wigs for long periods of time on a Styrofoam head, you are running the risk of permanently stretching out the wig cap. And when you go to wear it, you may find it a little bit too loose and you might not be able to get the correct adjustment. If you do want to store your wigs on Styrofoam head, make sure you are just resting the wig on it and not stretching it over the head.

Store a wig when it is dirty X

It’s not a good practice to put your dirty wigs away in the box. If you set a dirty wig inside of the box and when you get it out the next time, it might be stiff and dry and might have taken the shape of the box. So that’s something you want to avoid if possible. Another thing about storing your wigs is to only store them in a climate-controlled area. The heat and humidity can affect the wig style laying within the box.

Expose synthetic wigs to chlorine or saltwater X

A lot of people like swimming with wigs which is totally fine. But saltwater and chlorine can really erode the synthetic fibers and make them dry, brittle and fray. The wig will not last quite as long. So you’d better set aside and designate a wig that you’re only using for the beach and swimming. You definitely do not want to ruin your favorite or expensive synthetic wigs due to the chemicals in the saltwater. And also make sure that your wig is secured since you don’t want to get embarrassed when the wig came off.

Expose synthetic wigs in direct sun for long periods X

Another mistake is exposing your synthetic wigs in the direct sun without protection for long periods of time. The sun can heat the wig up and warp the style, fade the colors and really degrade the synthetic fiber. Wearing a hat or taking an umbrella, a scarf or something to protect the wig from the harsh sun. If you are living in a city with hot climate, then you probably need more attention to protect your wigs from sun and heat for their long-term use.

Over brush, over style or over wash a synthetic wig X

Just remember that any kind of friction that you put on your wigs is going to shorten the lifespan of the wigs. So be cautious of not to continuously brush or comb the wig if you don’t have to. Just use your fingers fluff and put the hair back into place. And only wash it when it’s absolutely necessary. As a new wig wearer, you may feel it’s necessary to wash the wig quite frequently after every four to five times wear. But try to limit the washing frequency or any kind of manipulation and friction that you are putting on your synthetic wigs. 

To have fun the versatile synthetic wigs, it’s necessary to keep yourself informed with lace wig knowledge. So before you start your wig journey, make sure you won’t make those mistakes mentioned above. hope this blog can offer you some useful information.

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