Easy Ways to Revive Curls

The big bouncy curls always look glorious when you first style your wig, but soon you’ll notice that you are gradually losing the curl pattern as you brush, wash or pull the hair. No worries! There are plenty of ways to bring your curls back. Curling wand is definitely the commonest way to re-curl your hair, but heat will more or less damage the hair. Therefore, we’ll introduce heatless ways to get big waves in this blog.

Perm rods

Wrap hair around the perm rods. Put the wig on your mannequin head and hold wig cap down with pins. Take a small section of the wig and wrap it around the perm rod. The secret of doing this is you have to wrap the hair around the perm rod really tight. That’s the only way that the curls are going to turn out big bouncy curls. If you just wrap it around really loosely, you may fail to revive your curls. During the process, some of the ends will start to come off. To fix that, you just need to fold the ends to tuck them under the elastic of the perm rods and they should stick pretty good.

Put the wig in the boiling water. After you are done with the perm rods, boil some water. When the water is boiling, carefully pour it into a pan and then put the wig into the boiling water. Be really careful and do not burn yourself. Let the wig sit in the boiling water for three minutes and then take the wig out of the water. Put the wig on a towel for it to dry out a little bit and then place it back on your mannequin head for it to air dry. If you can’t wait for that long, you can get out of your blow dryer to blow dry the hair until it’s dry. But it’s not recommended to use heat tools on synthetic hair, especially those non heat friendly wigs. 

Unravel the perm rods and fluff the hair. Make sure your wig is completely dry before you try to take the perm rods out. So once the hair is dry, unravel the hair from the perm rods. Always start unraveling from the bottom so that the hair on top won’t get in the way. Take the rods down by unraveling them in the direction of the curl. The way it comes out will be very bouncy. Separate the curls with your fingers. And remember the more you separate the curls the bigger the wig is going to get. So if you don’t want it too big, don’t fluff it out too much. You can do this perm rod curling method with any synthetic wig and you’ll see the big transformation.

Flexi rods

You may not like normal flexi rod set method because it takes so long and you have to use a million flexi rods get defined curls. Actually when you are doing rod set, you are only using half of the rod and wrap your hair around it. The other half of the rod is totally wasted and you can fully make use of it. It’s definitely possible to use the entire rod for two sections of hair, which is greatly reducing the number of the flexi rods.

Separate hair and bend the flexi rod. Start on freshly washed hair. Apply super moist leave-in conditioner to both sides of your hair. Separate your hair in four sections, two in the front and two in the back.  Take one of the back sections and split it in half. Grab a flexi rod and bend it in half, making it look like a inverted u-shape pattern. Then put the u-shaped flexi rod above the section and secure it at the bottom so it doesn’t slide off. Split this hair section into two and secure the top part up with a clip.

Spray water and wrap the hair around flexi rods. Spray some water to the hair and detangle your hair with a paddle brush to make sure the hair is as smooth as possible. Then take that piece of hair and start to twist it around flexi rod. When you get to the bottom, just bend the end of the flexi rod to secure it in place. Now take the other section down and repeat the same steps. Make sure you spray water on your hair ends as well. You don’t want dry ends as it will end up in a big frizz ball. Then wrap this hair section around the other half of the flexi rod.

Dry the hair and take down flexi rods. Sit under the dryer for about two hours and then take down all the flexi rods. It’s super easy and all you have to do is to stretch out the flexi rod and start to twirl it down. Then use replenishing oil to loosen up the curls. When you separate you hair and get to the end of the curl, twirl it around your fingers to minimize the frizz. You’ll love how it came out. For this way, you can obtain a full head of bouncy curls with only 8 flexi rods. You can put smaller flexi rods at the top and the larger ones at the bottom to give your wig a variation in the curl pattern. 

These two methods can help you re-curl your wig without melting the synthetic fibers or losing that Yaki texture. And the result turns out to be a defined wavy curl. Overall, these methods are easy and total genius to get some heatless waves. Wrapping your hair to these rods is pretty fast. Then you can put the wig on wig stand to let it air dry and you can do something else yourself wile waiting. With these useful ways, you don’t have to worry that your curls will fall at the end of the day. You can easily bring them back without heating tools. Comment below to tell us your thoughts on perm rods and flexi rods method.

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