Everything About Wig Tape You Should Know

Have you been always worried about the wig falling off? More or less you are certainly a little bit worried. There are many ways to secure your wig in place. Besides wig adhesive or glue, another alternative is wig tape. Wig tape can help hold your wig for a long time. In addition to its durability, it also gives you a realistic look without white residue. Keep reading to learn everything you should know about wig tape.

What is wig tape?

Wig tapes are silicone strips or patches to help your wig cling to your skin. The adhesive wig tapes usually come double sided in a variety of different sized widths and lengths. Wig tapes are specially formulated to effectively attach to your scalp, which are safe to use on your skin and come in different strengths. There are also wig tapes that are designed for people who have sensitive skin. So you don’t need to worry that the wig tape will irritate your skin. Wig tape is easy to use and remove, and it always works behind the scenes to give you a neat and natural wig look.

Pros VS Cons

No product  is perfect. Wig tape has its own pros and cons. As for the advantages, wig tape gives you a more natural-looking and undetectable edges. It can keep your hair flat to the surface of the sides and hold it in place. In addition, there is a great variety of colors, sizes and shapes of wig tape. So you’ve got many options to choose from. The next benefit is that it’s easy to apply and remove wig tape. Formulated remover product, alcohol or water can remove the wig tape quickly. Speaking of disadvantages, if you use it in the wrong way, it can easily damage your bio hair. And it’s not recommended for those who are sweating a lot.

Wig tape VS Wig glue

When speaking of securing wigs, the two commonest ways would be wig glue and wig tape. These two products work in similar way to attach the wig to your scalp. The difference between them is that you have to wait the wig adhesive glue to get dry and then apply the wig onto it and sometimes it may result white residue. But for the double-sided wig tape, you can just place the wig on it immediately.

Both wig glue and wig tape have their own benefits and weaknesses. And they have different effect for different people. So you are suggested to test both of them to find the right product for yourself. Theoretically, most of the wig tape and wig glue are safe to wear as they are directly attached to your skin. But just in case, you’d better to do a skin test to see if you are allergic to the tape or glue. And one more message, long-term use of wig tape or glue will certainly do harm to your skin or edges.

How to apply and remove wig tape?

Wig tape is an easy way to keep your wig in place as long as you follow the correct steps. Firstly, cut the wig tape into small pieces. The most important thing is to clean your skin around the hairline. Secondly, determine where you want to put the wig tape and then peel the protective paper in one side away and place it around the perimeter of your hairline. Remember not to place wig tape on your natural hair. And press the tape gently so that it flat on your skin. Thirdly, use tweezers or your nails to peel the rest protective paper. The last step is to place the wig and press down the adhesive points to secure the wig.

It’s quite easy to get rid of the wig tape too. A good remover or rubbing alcohol can remove the wig tape quickly. Spray remover or rubbing alcohol on cotton swab, then gently lift the out edge of the wig and roll the cotton swab underneath. Don’t pull or stretch the wig violently, which will greatly damages your edges. Just take your time and let the remover or alcohol dissolve the tape. Make sure it’s completely released before you lift the wig from your head. And clean off any excessive wig tape on your skin or the wig lace.

How long does wig tape last?

There is no absolute answer to this question. How long does wig tape last varies from the type of tape and how you apply it. It also depends on your lifestyle and skin type. Nowadays on the market, wig tape comes in different colors with various strength. We recommend using the white-colored tape if you wear a wig daily and red-colored tape for extended wearing. For people with oil skin, even red liner tape can only last for about 3 days. And if you have sensitive skin, you’d better purchase some medical or hypoallergenic tape. It might take some time to find the wig tape that works the best for you.

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