Exploring the Different Types of Hair Fibers

Wearing wigs can make such a difference in your look. There are so many options your piece may never be detected as anything but your own. The first thing to consider: human hair wig or synthetic hair wig. Both of them have their own advantages. What you need to do is to find what’s best your lifestyle and budget.

Most people think human hair wigs are better because they are made with real hair. That’s not necessarily true. Certain synthetic hair has advanced to the point of being completely natural, movement and feel. You can hardly tell the differences between quality synthetic hair and human hair with naked eyes.

Human  Hair

Human hair wigs takes at least 20 minutes or more styling time, depending on the look you want. However, there are differences to consider before deciding which one is right for you. Here is the benefits of human hair. If cared properly, the longevity of human hair can be up to a year of daily wear. The natural movement and feel is unmatchable. Styling versatility is another selling point. You can heat human hair fibers any way you like using styling tools, just like your own biological hair. But remember to keep your heat tools under 350 degrees. Unless you are professional, we do not recommend coloring your human hair wigs as most have already undergone substantial chemical treatment.

But it’s not always a perfect world with human hair. Human hair requires a little more maintenance. You need to wash it and deep condition it regularly. And it takes a little more time to style as often as you would do to your own bio hair. The weather will also affect the style because it’s not immune to rain or humidity. And most importantly, human hair is costly. Due to the high demand for it, it’s getting more expensive each year. The color will fade on human hair as it will oxidize when exposed to light and and other elements. It will weigh more as human hair is more dense than synthetic hair.

Synthetic Wigs

The plus side to synthetic wigs is that they’re easy to care for. Synthetic fiber has style retention or style memory, meaning you don’t have to restyle your wig, as simple as wash, dry, shake and go. Then your wig will revert to its original style. Synthetic hair is weather proof. It won’t droop or frizz even if the weather lets you down. in addition, synthetic wigs are lower in cost and maintenance. It’s a win-win situation. Synthetic hair is lighter than human hair and the vibrancy of color stays throughout the life of your wig.

What should you know about synthetic wigs before you buy? Synthetic hair is coated with a shine than can look reflective on some wigs. The shine will dull over time and washing. A little tip here: you can add a little dry shampoo or powder to reduce the unnatural shine. Because synthetic hair has style memory, you don’t have the versatility of changing the style or color. But since they are cost effective, you can buy different styles to suit your needs. Although lower cost and maintenance, synthetic wigs do not have the longevity of human hair. With proper care, you are likely to get around 4 to 5 months of daily wear before you need to get a new one.

There are definitely pros and cons to both human hair and synthetic hair. Now that you have known the facts about them, it’s time to pick out your new wig!

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