Got2b Spiking Glue or Got2b Styling Gel?

Got2be is definitely a word you have heard about many times if you wear wigs. It’s a good way to keep your wig in place and prevent it from slipping back. You surely know that how embarrassing it is if your wig fall off in public places. There are two types of got2be products: yellow tube and black tube. They have different features and functions. Therefore, when it comes to applying lace frontals or wigs, a lot of people have been wondering which one is better. Is it possible to use got2be if I sweat a lot? So here we are going to break down details about got2be products so that you will know how to make wise choice.

What is got2be?

Got2be spiking glue and styling gel are products manufactured by Schwarzkopf, a famous professional brand of hair care products. Got2be provides so strong hold that your style will last until your next shampoo. It claims to offer the right styling products for your individual look, from voluptuous volume and touchable textures, to silky straight styles and incredible shine. It’s all about expressing your style and show off your personality, individuality and attitude.

Got2b glued water resistant spiking glue (yellow tube) : It’s a white color consistency gel. It’s much thicker and leaves more residue than the black got2be glue gel. It will get stuck in your lace, so you definitely will have to wash your lace more if you gravitate towards the yellow gel. It says spiked grip and screaming hold. When you apply it, it goes on white. But the hold last about a week which is crazy.

The yellow got2be glue gel is supposed to be water-resistant. Even if exposed to a little bit of water or sprinkling, it will still hold up. The yellow gel will harden your baby hairs and leave residue. Use the handle of the comb or brush and tap the yellow bottle glue. If you use your fingers, you will have white flakes. The natural heat from you’re your body will cause the gel to flake up.

Got2b ultra glued invincible styling gel (black tube) : It’s a clear color gel and the consistency is much more thin and water-based than the yellow got2be glue gel. It won’t leave as much as residue and won’t stick in your lace as much as the yellow one will. But the black got2be glue gel tends to leave more residue when it is wet.

As far as baby hairs, the black gel is more of your go-to because it not as residue-leaving and isn’t as heavy as the yellow gel. The black gel is much better of a contender when dealing with baby hairs. It says non-sticky flakes and crazy hold for vertical style. It’s six ounces in volume. After three to four days, it will come off without exercise or any strenuous activities. When you put warm water on it, it comes off right off.

Which one is better?

The factor determining which one you should use depends on the occasion you are using it for. If you are using it for special occasion like the wedding or birthday party, the black tube would be enough for such a short time and it will look super bomb. If you are looking for your wig to last a longer period of time, the yellow tube would be suggested.

Some people may have an doubt: why did my lace front start shifting an hour after I applied it onto my head? Honestly it depends on the method that you used. You have to apply the lace to the gel when it was tacky. Another reason why it is coming off so quickly is because you are not applying enough on your head. Therefore, sometime it’s not the product does not work for you, but you use it the wrong way. As long as you know how to use it properly, you’ll get the effect you want.

In conclusion, as both the name says, the black tube is mainly a styling gel. You can style your baby hairs and you won’t get too much residue or heavy buildup in your baby hair. It does give you a hold, not as strong of a hold as the yellow one. It will work better with the free spray by giving it the extra holding power. The yellow one is for the max hold, you can use it without the free spray. Therefore, your wig will last longer with the yellow one. With the black gel your wig might loosen up to two to three days. So for regular hold and baby hair styling, go with the black gel.

Of course you can have them both because they both come in handy for different things. You can do some research and you have to try it for yourself before you can even get a final decision which is the best glue gel product for you. It’s better to test it out on your skin first. Wear it for 15-20 minutes first to see how your skin may react to it, before using something new on your scalp.

Got2be tips

1.Got2be glued product is a lace glue. It should not be used as an super strong adhesive for long-term use. If you want your wig to lay for an extended period of time, got2be glued product is not the answer. This will not keep your wig in place for no longer than about a week. Your wig is going to be lifted. So do not attempt to use this stuff as a long-term adhesive.

2.Use a softening product to lay your baby hair first before you apply the got2be glue. You can use a mousse and set your baby hair in place and use the got2be glue to hold it down so that the humidity and stuff don’t get into it and mess up the pattern. If you apply the glue first, your baby hairs are going to stay in place and difficult to handle with.

3.Make sure that you remove all the oils from your skin before applying the got2be gel. Use little cotton ball and swap your skin with some alcohol to clean the perimeter of the area where you apply the got2be gel. Our skin produces oils, impurities and grease, especially if you have makeup on. They’re going to get in the way of its staying. You need to remove that makeup from whatever you’re going to be applying that got2be gel.

4.When you take your wig off and put your wig back on again, make sure that you rinse and wipe the residue from your lace and from the areas where you applied the got2be glued gel. Got2be glued gel is one of the most residue leaving product, so it’s definitely important that you remove that residue that was left from the last application.

5.Last but not least, got2be gel is a cheaper, more temporary alternative to a glue. It’s safer than most glues, but it still can put your edges out. So don’t just think that you can pull your wig off. It will irritate your skin. Take a wet hot towel where there’s still steam coming up off it and apply it to the area where you have applied your wig. Let that steam go in an break up the hardness and durability of the got2be gel.

The two types of got2be products has both pros and cons. They work differently depending on the way you apply them and your skin conditions. Therefore, even the same product can have different effects on different people. You’d better test the effect by yourself. Hope you find something useful in this blog. Which bottle you use or which one you recommend? Or do you have some other tips that we can try? Comment below to share with us.

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