How Do You Cut The Lace Off Wig

Anyone who wears wigs will know that it’s important to cut the lace off the wig correctly, because how you cut the wig determines how natural it will look. A wiggy look isn’t what you want. You’ve always wanted to cut the lace in a way where it’s not too jagged, not too straight and it looks natural and blends in and melt with your skin. But you may have been cutting the lace ALL WRONG! Read this article to know how to do it perfectly, easy, and rather quickly!

Cut the lace in the back of the wig off

When you are cutting the lace off wig, the first and easiest step is to cut the lace in the back of the wig off. Since the back of the wig is normally not shown to other people. So it doesn’t require as much natural look as the front and ear tap area of the wig. Just take your scissors cut off the extra lace off in the back. It doesn’t matter whether it’s zigzagged pattern or a straight blunt cut.

Cut the ear tab area properly

The lace that hangs over the ear will be pressing down on your ear and looks very uncomfortable. It’s really important to cut the lace off that is above your ears because that determines on how flat the lace will lay and also it determines how comfortable your wig will be when you’re wearing it. You may come across this problem where sometimes you glue down your wig perfectly, but the ear tap area is always the first to lift. That’s because you may not have cut the lace deep enough.

Firstly put the wig on your head. Slide the wig up a little more but be careful not to minimize your forehead. Take your rat tail comb, follow the shape of your ear by create a part and go ahead and follow that part that you made and cut that off. Be careful not to cut too short. Use a clip to pin your hair up and get it out of the way. If you want you can keep a sideburn. Make sure you don’t cut the elastic band underneath.

Make sure you are not cutting too much into the construction of the cap. Just follow the part that you made. You might cut some of the hair in the process, so don’t be panic. If your ear still feels bending, trim off a tiny bit lace off but be very careful. Go ahead and cut the other side. Do the same exact practices.

Cut the front lace of wig

The last and most important step is to cut the front lace of the wig. If you want to look more hair and more natural and tweeze your hairline, definitely dot that before you cut the lace off. Because after you cut the lace off, it makes plucking a little more difficult. When you decide to plug your hair more, put it on a canvas head and put the T-pins into canvas head that will give you more room to pluck.

Before cutting the lace, make sure all the hair is pushed out of the way with some clips or hair tie. Choose a sharp small scissors or pinking shears that will help you to get that detail. Or use a razor that will help you get so close the hairline and shape out the hairline without having the straight across cut. One more trick, use the ends of the scissors or pinking shears to cut the lace, so you won’t have the lace left over.

Position the shears close to the hairline and do the same thing all the way around. Follow the shape of the hairline and cut the lace gently in a jagged line. This makes it look a little more natural than in a straight line, especially if you do not pluck the hairline properly. If you leave any type of lace, the lace will show more when you glue down your wig. Line up your hairline where you want to sit and then you are ready to apply the wig to your head.

That’s how you can cut your lace. It’s super easy and it’s right to the points. It doesn’t really much work involved when it comes to cutting you lace. All you need to know on how to cut extra lace off around ears, front, and back. Choosing the correct scissors for properly cutting off the lace in a zigzag pattern for seamless hairline! But you’ll never do it correctly if you don’t start cutting the lace off by yourself. What’s your tips and tricks to cut lace off? 

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