How To Avoid Itching With Wigs

Wigs are not just used to cover your hair loss and restore your confidence. More and more people regard it as fashion accessory and wig is a best tool to change your hairstyle instantly without damaging your real bio hair. However, as wigs are made of synthetic fibers, the itching and irritation issue of your scalp cannot be ignored. Most wig wearers find it intolerable. Here are some guide and tips on how to reduce scalp itching and irritation from wigs.

Invest on good quality wigs: Never compromise on the quality of your wigs. Whichever type of wigs you choose, human hair or synthetic fiber, go for the high-quality wigs if you are not on a budget. In normal sense, good quality wigs will cause less itching and irritation. Wigs are made ready to wear after being chemically processed. High price usually means that this chemical treatment will be less harmful to your skin. And also the wigs will last longer and look better than cheap wigs.

Refresh your scalp with alcohol-free solutions: Scalp itching is normal if you have to wear a wig the whole day. Your scalp is covered with the wig hair for too long and produces oils, there is less room for your skin to breathe. So to refresh your scalp, it’s necessary to use some alcohol-free solutions to help remove excess oils. If you do not refresh your scalp often, it easily leads to itching and irritation. Remember to do this often and you will feel less itching.

Properly wash your wigs. It’s always excited when you received the wig package and can’t wait to try it on. But you’d better to wash the wig carefully and properly before you start wearing it for the first time. Take your time to wash and rinse your wig once you wear it for three to four times. Make sure it’s free from makeup, shampoo or all kinds of styling products, which would easily cause scalp itching and irritation. So never wash your wig in hurry.

Cover your scalp with silk wig liner. This is the best way to prevent your scalp from getting dry and itchy. These liners will separate the wig and your scalp and help retain the moisture. This makes your head feel more comfortable under the wig.

It’s time to say goodbye to that intolerable itching and scalp irritation. Some amazing solutions which can relieve you from the daily discomfort caused by your itchy wigs. Have fun with your wig journey!

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