How To Care For Curly Wigs

Whether you wear a wig every day or just in special occasions, it eventually will get tangled or need maintenance. All wigs require special care to last longer. Curly wigs are especially difficult to take care of if you want to keep the original look of curl shape. Treat the wig like your own hair. This should be a good reminder that you should take super good care of it even if it’s not attached to your head. If you are still a beginner when it comes to curly wigs, find a good routine for them.


The first thing is to learn how to brush your curly wig correctly. Standard brushes or combs for your natural hair are something you should stay away from. Those brush bristles will cause frizz and damage your original curl pattern. And it’s hard to restore your curls. You should go for wide-tooth combs for your curly wig. Or you can choose to finger comb the curly hair so that the curls won’t go away.


As we said early, grab a wide-tooth comb to detangle your curly hair. Always start from the bottom and all the way to the top. If you start form the top of the hair, you’ll definitely get stuck in the middle because of too many tangle knots on the bottom of the hair. And also do not pull your hair violently. You thought this would work but it will only lead to more tangled and matted hair. In worst case, you will end up cutting the tangles to save your curly hair. In that scenario, the hair curl shape will be incomplete too. If necessary, some conditioning spray will help while detangling.


Curly wigs, especially human hair wigs take a really long time to air dry, depending on the products that you use on it. How often should you wash your curly wig depends on your wearing frequency. If you do not wear it every single day, it should be fine to wash it at least once a week and not go longer than two weeks. If you are a type of person who wants it to always be tamed and curly, you might want to wash your wig maybe twice a week, maybe every two to three days. But it’s not suggested to washing it every single day, because it definitely will not dry overnight.

If you want your wig to tamed and you don’t want to wash it as frequently as twice a week, just get yourself a spray bottle or some type of refresher spray. Lightly spritz it on the parts that are really frizzy. And then comb through with a wide-tooth comb or just finger comb it. Do not put a whole lot of shampoo on curly hair because it will dry it out and you will have to deep conditioning. Also you’d better not put a lot of styling products or gel on the hair. If it’s really dry, just spritz with water and a light leave-in again but no heavy creams, oils, or butters.

Steps to wash curly wigs:

1) Saturate with warm water.

2) Apply lots of conditioner for the first wash.

3) Lightly finger detangle

4) Wash the hair in a downward motion to prevent tangling.

5) Saturate hair with conditioner again.

6) Thoroughly detangle hair with wide-tooth brush.

7) Microwave wig for about 1 minute (with a plastic bag) then let sit for 15 minutes to deep condition.

8) Do a final rinse with cold water to seal in moisture.

9) Lightly dry the hair with microfiber towel to minimize frizzing.

10) Spray the hair with leave-in conditioner and gently brush to clump the curls and make them more defined.

11) Finger-coil random sections on top for added definition.


What we love about curly wigs is those bouncy curls. However, as you wear and wash it, it will lose the curl shape gradually. So once your is tangle-free, it’s the best time to restore your curls. Use your fingers to twist each curl and let it bounce back into shape. If this doesn’t work, try twisting the curls in the opposite way to see if the curls are back. If this fails too, you may need to turn to heat to restore your curls. But turning to heat is the final solution. After all the heat is going to damage the hair fiber to some degree.

If a curly wig can be maintained correctly, it can last for a long time, which can saves a lot of money. It’s not hard to take good care of your curly wig, but it requires patience and perseverance. This blog is to offer you some insights on curly wigs care. Hope you can find something useful. Comment below to share with us your curly wigs care tips.

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