How To Cleanse Box Braids

When talking about the most popular protective hairstyle, box braids should be the champion. The options of color, length and styles for box braids can be versatile. But once the box braids last more than two weeks or longer, it is a issue to keep them look fresh and good. If you had a box braids for a full month, you’ll notice that there is dandruff product buildup. You definitely need to get that under control. So it becomes extremely important to wash box braids and keep them away form frizz.

Grab a spray bottle and dilute shampoo. You can get it at local dollar store, community supply store, Walmart or wherever. You don’t need an expensive one. Pour some shampoo into the spray bottle and fill it up with a little bit of water (1 part shampoo and 1-2 parts water). Dilute the shampoo so it’s very runny and easier to work with. If you put thick shampoo in a spray bottle, it’s not going to come out and if it does it will be really chunky. If you want to make your own shampoo, you can definitely use like apple cider vinegar and that would help as well. But you also need to dilute the apple cider vinegar first otherwise it will be too strong for your scalp.

Apply the shampoo and massage the hair. Take your spray bottle and shake it up and start applying the shampoo directly to your scalp and then let the shampoo just run down. Be careful because it may run down into your face. And then use your fingertips to rub the hair and this may require some arm work. You’ll see some flakes coming up. Your hair starts to turn white. It’s not from the shampoo but from the product that’s actually in your hair like moisturizer or oil. Just do the same thing all around to the back. You can do it in a row so you can keep track of where you have done your massage.

Rinse out the shampoo. Take your time and work the shampoo and massage your scalp as well. When your entire head is covered in shampoo, apply a little extra shampoo to actual strands. To rinse out the shampoo, you could just hop in the shower and let the water flow through your hair. Turn the water to warm or hot water if you don’t like cold water touching your head. Lightly use your fingertips to gently massage shampoo through your hair and let the shampoo run through the length of your hair. Check your scalp to see is there still white residue. If so, add shampoo to the area.

Apply conditioner and air-dry the hair. When the shampoo is completely out, apply some conditioner to your hands and start working that into your braids and leave conditioner in the hair for about 10 minutes or so. Or you could add conditioner to a spray bottle with water for easier application. And then rinse out the conditioner. These braids hold onto water and it will drip all over your clothes, all over a couch or bed. Go ahead and put a towel on your hair to avoid dripping. Take the towel behind your ears and wrap it around the length of your hair. Squeeze the water out. You may need to switch the towel if the braids hold on a lot of water. Depending on the time of the day, you could choose blow-dry.

Moisturize the hair. After that, take your favorite moisturizer and apply them to the length. For the conditioner doesn’t wash out completely when you condition your hair, it kind of sticks into the hair, so you don’t even need to moisturize. Once your hair is moisturized, add a few drops of your favorite oil. Use anything you have on hand, grape seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. When you have a protective style, your scalp is exposed so it doesn’t create as much natural oil as when your hair is out and free. Put some coconut oil on your edges too.

To tame those flyaways, use some herbal essences mousse to lay your hair down. focus on the back section of your hair which tends to be frizzy because it’s rubbing up against your clothes. Only apply it to the first half of the hair where your own hair is mixed with the braiding. You really don’t need to take it all the way down if the rest of the hair isn’t frizzy. If you do not wash you hair that often while having the braids in, that really helps with minimizing the frizz and helps keeping your braids intact for a long time. But if you do feel itchy, you will need wash it more often.

Tie a scarf. After you finish doing that, tie a scarf on your hair to further lay the hair down as it dries and then keep this on for about 30 to 45 minutes. You’ll love the end result, very minimal frizz. It’s not any more than what you had prior to washing your hair. Your scalp is nice and clean. It definitely feels and smells a lot better.

Can your braids last longer than a month? Do you want to keep your box braids clean and neat? Follow the steps mentioned above. You can slay the box braids style and it definitely saves you lots of time and energy to style hairstyle every single day. It’s a good way to wash natural hair while wearing box braids without causing frizz. You can also use this method to wash your twists. Be gentle when your washing your natural hair while its in braids or twists. Hope you can something useful here. Share your methods to cleanse box braids in the comments.

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