How To Find Your Wig Size?

When it comes to wigs, wig cap size plays an important role. Most people are an average capsize. But there are also people who have difficulty in finding a size that fits them just right. Measure your head to find what size you really are can be essential, especially for those who have pretty little head or big head. Only with the perfect wig cap size, you are able to rock your wig with style and confidence.

Why do you need to measure your head for wigs?

That’s because when you don’t have a wig that fits your head, it’s sliding back or bunching up. You don’t have a nice shape when you turn to the side. Besides, those very delicate lace fronts wear away easily especially if your wig is slipping and sliding all over your head. It creates a lot of fiction and that lace front will eventually fray. Apparently you don’t want to see that result since you are spending a lot of money on the wigs. So it’s important to know how to measure your head for wig.

How to properly measure your head for a wig?

Before you start your wig journey and buy your first wig, you just need to figure out your hair size first. Your head circumference is super crucial to a comfortable wig wearing experience, especially for a custom-made wig. You need to make sure that your own bio hair is braided down. Do not measure your head for a wig if your hair is in a ponytail, or in a bun, or anything like that. It will be up under your wig and alter your measurements. Then your wig will be ill-fitting.

The first measurement you are going to take is your circumference. Make sure that your measuring tape is not over your ears and it is on your actual head and around the complete nape of your neck. Next measurement is from front to nape. Place your measuring tape on your hairline, and then go all the way down to the nape of your neck. Make sure that your measuring tape is in the middle of your head.

Next is the temple to temple measurement. Place the beginning of the measuring tape at one temple and go around the back of your head at the most curved part of your hair and bring it around to your other temple. The last measurement for a closure wig is nape measurement. Place the measuring tape at one side of your nape, going across to the other side of your neck.

Last but not least, if you are getting a frontal wig, you need to know your ear to ear measurement over the top of your head. So take your measuring tape on the top of your ear, go across the top of your head to the other ear, not too far in front and not too far in back. This measurement is used for your frontal to know how much you need to cut off your ear taps. 

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