How To Fix Balding Frontal

Is your frontal ripped? Is your frontal balding? Is your frontal receding? No matter how much money you invest on your wig, whether it’s human hair or synthetic fiber, it is unavoidable that the lace wig will become thinner and thinner after long time of wear. No one wants a balding and spotty lace wig. Before you go throwing out your lace frontal because it's balding at the edges, consider trying out the methods mentioned below first! There is something you can do to repair bald frontals or closures.

How to fix smaller bald patches?

First you need to get a pencil, any pencil that is dark brown. Just use it to color the lace and fill in the sparse areas of the lace. After you are done, combing the product into the hair so that it doesn’t look like you just drew on your hair. Make it blend in nicely. Then use an eyeliner brush to draw a very thin line with concealer. Avoid a wide line as it will look fake. A thin line will look very contrasted and very sharp like you part it with a rat tail comb. Be careful not to draw concealer all the way to the front. Leave that part blank so you can match your skin and hairline perfectly. Do not use an iron on the wax because it’ll melt the eyebrow pencil formula.

How to repair larger bald spots?

The dark eyeliner or eyebrow pencil method may work well for smaller spots or wide parting. However, for larger balding patches, you have to turn to some other method. That is to sew hair wefts onto your closure or frontal to cover up bald spots. Go and find some of your old hair tracks from making your wig to replace the bare areas. Use the invisible thread to sew the hair track onto your frontal or closure. It’s crucial you knot your stitch at the beginning and end to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t loosen. And make sure you have enough hair on your closure to hide the wefts. And also be gentle and careful not to tear the lace.

How to fix ripped frontal?

For this issue, you have to do a blanket stitch. You will be surprised by how amazing this technique is. The stitching just become invisible after you put the wig on your head. So this is a very good method if you are fighting something happened to your frontal and it’s ripped. It can be fixed. This is a budget friendly way on making your frontal long lasting. No more spending money and no more filling spots. You can still save the lace frontal or closure that you were about to literally fling out of the window cause it was balding.

The methods mentioned above are useful to some extent. But don't get me wrong, you cannot do this multiple times being that your wig will obviously get smaller each time you do so. But this should at least stretch out your wigs longevity until your next wig purchase. And learning how to care and maintain your wig is more important than to repair your wig. Hope you are inspired by this blog. How do you deal with balding frontal or closure? 

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