How To Fix Over Bleached Knots

As we all know, the hair strands are sewn into the lace so there will be knots at the base of the lace. These knots undoubtedly reveal that you are wearing a wig and it’s not good-looking. To solve this problem, many people choose to bleach their knots. Bleached knots will be less visible an can help you achieve the most natural looking scalp while wearing wigs. However, bleaching knots has its own pros and cons.

Moreover, bleaching knots is not that easy and simple. When you bleach the knots, sometimes the bleach goes through the lace and get into the hair, which ruins the whole wig style. Perhaps you are making the bleach too thin and it’s a little bit too watery. Or you accidentally press too hard and the bleach quits on the actual roots of the hair. It’s not cute. But don’t be panic, there is something you can do to correct the over bleached knots.

Hair dye

A permanent solution is hair dye. Find a hair dye the same color as the hair and you also need a bowl, brush and a small mascara wand. Then follow the instructions that came with the dye. Once you have everything mixed thoroughly, go ahead and start applying it to the hair. Mascara wand is better than toothbrush because it can evenly distribute the hair dye. Make sure you use a light hand whenever you are applying it so that you won’t push it too hard. Otherwise you’ll cause the knots to dye back it’s original color.

If you want to keep the knots bleached and keep them light, just take your time and don’t use too much hair dye. This certainly takes time, so be patient and the result will come out really good in the end. Once you finish applying the dye, go through and part the hair in sections to make sure you don’t miss any strands. Then let the hair sit for about 25 minutes and wash and rinse all of the dye out. Take your shampoo and wash it to make sure there is no dye left inside. Then condition the hair for about five minutes before rinsing it out.


If you accidentally bleached the hair, it kind of gives the appearance of a bald spot. A really quick fix would be just to get your regular old mascara and brush it in gently on the areas that have the bleach on it. Just like the hair dye, take your time to apply mascara to the over bleached hair root. But remember that it’s just a temporary and quick fix.

If you make a mistake whenever you’re bleaching your knots, don’t worry. It’s definitely fixable and it’s really simple to do. Have you ever over bleached your knots before and how did you handle that? Or do you have any better method to fix over bleached knots?

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