How To Seal Box Braids Ends

For many girls, box braids have been a go-to and protective style of comfort for every season, especially cool and fresh for spring and summer. But if your braids are pretty loose and not “sealed” well, the ends will be starting to unravel and look pretty unruly. Instead of burning the ends which may be a burning hazard for synthetic hair, the best way to seal those ends is to dip them in hot water. Look through this passage to grasp the skill of hot water dipping.

Hot water dipping

Dipping the ends and hot water only work for synthetic hair because synthetic hair can be moulded with indirect heat by the braids into boiling hot water. The heat smoothes the strands and soften the braids for flexibility and movement. And cool or warm water won’t work. Only the hot boiling water can achieve the optimal result. Always remember: Be careful and avoid dripping hot water on yourself and avoid burning your scalp with hot.

Straightening the braids ends

Start off by boiling hot water. The hotter the water is, the better and straighter your hair is going to be. Use a tall pitcher or a tall tea kettle. These are the safest devices to use for this process. If you can’t find kettle or pitcher, get a cup that is deep and thick enough and the heat does not transfer through it as much. And definitely don’t use a flimsy cup which is too thin and flimsy. It will burn you if you try to use this. A glass cup is not advisable either. Even though it’s thicker and more sturdy, you can feel the heat through it too much and you are not going to be able to handle that heat. Pour the boiling water into the cup inside the sink so that it does not spill and get all over the place.

Prepare a towel, scissors and some oil spray. If the cup is too hot to hold, get yourself a gloves to protect you from the heat all the way. Then straighten hair out with fingers. You could dip the hair together once and that does work. But if you are using a cup, section the hair off because you need sections small enough to fit inside the cup. When you are put section that are too large inside of the cup, a lot of times the braids will come out crinkly and they don’t get straight enough. 

So isolate section by section and dip the hair about half way in. go up and down a few times. The more times you do that, the more you straightening the hair out. And just make sure when you remove it, you catch it immediately with a small towel and just squeeze it dry. When you are squeezing it dry, you are squeezing and pulling at the same time and running your fingers combing through the hair. That way you make sure if there are any knots forming that you can take care of those right away. And look at every braid and make sure that everything is getting straightened.

After dipping the hair section by section. Go through and dip it all in the boiling water last time. Just make sure that it’s evenly straight all throughout. When you finish the whole process, grab the towel and just squeeze it out one last time getting rid of as much water as you can. You can also blow-dry your hair if you are in a hurry.

The last step is to trim and spray the hair down. The trick of creating a natural look is to trim a v-shape into the hair ends. The most important purpose of trimming the braids is to just get rid of any straggling in. Remember to intentionally stretch the hair when you are trimming, because you want the ends to be like staggered and frayed. A blunt cut straight across may cause some of your braids to unravel. After these steps, your hair should be flexible and movable and completely sealed!

Curling the braids ends

Hot water dipping is also very useful in curling the ends of the braids. All you need to do is curling it up with a perm rod and dip it into the boiling water. Then you’ll have a beautiful curl made with hot water. (Use something plastic or heat-resistant that is not going to melt in the water. Straws don’t work because they are thin plastic. ) If you go with the curl and you decide you don’t want it later, just dip the ends back in some hot water and it’s straight again.

Crinkling the braids ends

It works for the crinkle as well. So to get the crinkle, you need to braid down a section of braid and bake them in the hot water for about 10 seconds or so. When you take it out of the water, make sure to dry it. One thing to consider that’s very important is let the braids cool off before you unravel it. Same things goes for the curls and make sure you cool them off. Even though it takes too long for them to dry, get your blow-dryer on cool setting and cool them off first. Because you want that hair to set into place before you set the style.

Hot water dipping method is the easiest and most effective to get rid of those blunt ends of your box braids. And this won’t cost you as much money as you’ll have t to pay if you go a salon to seal your ends. You just simply dip the ends of the box braids in hot water for several times. And then once you thoroughly dry off the braid, run your fingers through the braids and to trim away any flimsy ends. Give this method a shot and it will work wonders! 

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