How To Strip Dye From Wigs

Having colored hair is wonderful, but sometimes you just get tired of the same color and want to return it to its original color so that you can transform it to another new color. Or perhaps you dyed you wig blue or red but the dye didn’t take very well. Then how can you remove the dye from 613 hair without damaging the lace and hair? Keep reading to find the easy and quick method to strip dye off your wigs.

Bleach Method

Whenever you realize that you completely do not like hair color, it’s quite easy for you to go for the bleach. Bleach bath is a way of stripping color out of your hair. It’s not a color remover. It will not bring your hair to its original color. It’s basically a diluted version of bleach. It will lighten your hair and can help lift and strip out unwanted color in order for you to do another color. And when you handle with the chemical products, get yourself gloves to protect you from potential damage.  

To bleach the hair, you need to take BW 2 powder and 40 volume developer and mix them up. Apply them onto the hair section by section and make sure the mixed bleach is evenly distributed so that every strand can be bleached to the same color. You’ll see the hair is starting to life as soon as you apply the bleach powder. After you are done with applying the mixed powder, use some aluminum foil to cover the hair and let the wig sit for about 30 minutes. Then rinse it out and wash it with shampoo and leave that shampoo in the hair for about an hour before you rinse it out.

The result may come out a little too brassy than what you preferred. Or the bleached parts may be inconsistent, and some area is way lighter than other areas. Then you’ll need to bleach it again to get the color you want. If you are worried that the bleached powder will damage the hair, leave the shampoo for a longer time and deep condition the hair in silicon mix overnight, which could bring more moisture to the hair. Make sure that you soak the bleached hair in shampoo for at least an hour and half. It’s not suggested to bleach your wig hair for three times, because you may get some breakage and more shedding.

Baking Soda Method

Bleach method can be effective, but it’s often accused of being too harsh on strands and causing damage to the hair. So is there any simple and less harmful way to remove the dye? So is there any simple and less harmful way to remove the dye? Yes, we do have a method to remove old hair color without using bleach! And you don’t even have to waste money buying developer and hair bleach powder. this can be simply achieved by household items that you have it your kitchen.

Start off with boiling water in a pot and you’ll need two main ingredients. The first one is dishwashing liquid or detergent. And it doesn’t matter what brand you are using. The second is baking soda. Pour a very generous amount of baking soda and detergent into the water. And then add the hair but remember to remove the pot from the heat to avoid causing any burning. Leave the hair in the boiling water for about 35 to 40 minutes. Make sure every strand is saturated. The best part about this is watching how the die literally slides off of the hair as soon as you dip the hair into the boiling water.

It’s not possible that you can remove the color by doing this process for just one time. It usually takes two to three times doing this process for the hair  to actually strip up all the color. It depends on the hair color or how it’s done. But most of the time you will need do it two to three times. So when most of the dye has been falling off into the water, pour all the water out and rinse it out with cold water, and repeat the same process mentioned above. Running the hair under cold water really helps get out all knots. After two or three goes with it, it’s pretty much back to its original color. And what you should do next is to wash all the chemicals out of the hair and let it dry.

Or if you find both method are troublesome, and your budget is not tight, then have a look at ReadyWig synthetic lace wigs and human hair wigs. There are plenty of color shades for you to choose and you’re surely to find one that suits your fantasy. It will never be too much to have one more wig! Or if you’ve got any other effective and easier method to remove dye from wigs, feel free to share with us.

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