How To Tame Baby Hairs?

Isn’t it annoying that the front of your hair can sometimes be the messiest and your baby hairs just aren’t laid. Plenty of people may have the same problem, especially with those who are born with fine curly hair. Perhaps you are one of them. When you want to put your hair in a ponytail but your baby hairs are going all over the places. So you put a lot of hairspray in it but that’s really bad for the hair and it makes it very dry.

Some people may just pull out the straightener, but it’s wrong. Unless you want to burn your hair off. You’d better put down the straightener. However, sometimes baby hairs just make all the difference to your hairstyle. You also want the cute and not messy baby hairs like other girls. No worries! Here is a useful technique to save you from a bad hair day. It’s time to learn how to lay your edges.

You are thinking what could possibly tame the front of your hair without straightener or gel. Well, conditioner (Aussie Moist) may be your savor. The reason to use conditioner is because it makes your hair soft and it doesn’t break your hair. What more could you ask for avoiding damage to your hair. What you will need is a thin comb (not a wide toothed comb), a soft brush (with bristles to stick down your hair) and the hair band.

Step 1: Part your hair down the center. Make it pretty straight. It doesn’t have to perfect. And then just comb your through so there’s no tangles and knots. Be sure it’s as smooth as possible. Smooth it all the way down including your baby hairs. Don’t need to worry about the back. That’s not important.

Step 2:Then grab your moist conditioner and squeeze a little bit into your fingers. Do not use a thick conditioner or a creamy conditioner because it will just make your hair greasy. A watery conditioner will work perfectly. Put it evenly on both sides. Again get you thin comb and brush your hair through. No bumps! No lumps! Smooth it down to get it thin and slick.

Step 3:After that comes the important part, slick your hair down completely with the soft brush. Make your hair so slick and tight otherwise you are not going to get the result. Then get your hair band and tie it very tight. Slick up whatever you need to slick up to get your hair straight and tie it as tight as you can. You don’t want it to be loose otherwise it’s not going to work. Get your hands and pat it all down. If you feel some bits, clean it up.

Step 4:Let your hair air dry. While you are waiting, you can do whatever you like, doing makeup or playing on your phone. Once your hair is dry, take out your hair tie, get your comb and glide it gently through your hair, and brush out all the stiffness. You’ll see a smooth hairline. There is no white bits like gel.

Step 5:Pull out your baby hairs. Pick back all the longest bits and leave the shortest bits out. That’s how you can detect which ones are your baby hairs. Doing a sweeping motion with the soft brush to pull out the shortest bits of the front of your hair. That’s how you can tame your baby hairs. It’s so quick and effective. You can do this technique every morning to lay your edges. It’s so simple, creative and god for your hair, so try it!

Who would have thought a conditioner would lay and slick your edges so good! With this trick, you can put your hair up in a bun or pony even after hairspray, without looking like you just got electrocuted. If you are suffering from the baby hairs issue, use this trick to lay your edges and keep that hair tamed. Whether or not this hair conditioning works for all hair types needs to be further discussed. Comment below to tell us whether it works for you or not, or do you have any better trick to tame your unmanageable baby hairs.

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