How To Tame Static in Wigs

You may noticed that when the wig fibers rub against the satin, the wig fibers have static cling. And you’ll know the fashion-destroying powers of hair static. That’s the beginning of a bad hair day. It ruins your hairstyle and your good mood. Is there anyway you can reduce this? Of course. The good thing is that there are several methods you can do to combat the static in wigs. Here we’re going to share with you some quick tips on how to tame the static electricity in your wigs.

Avoid over manipulating the hair

Whether you have synthetic wigs or human hair, the static issue can not be ignored. The static electricity issue seems to be worse in the dry winter months. The first thing you can do to avoid exacerbating this problem is avoiding over combing, brushing or styling your wigs. If your hands are always in your hair and you are manipulating your hair back and forth, you’ll get more flyaways and static electricity. Especially in the winter cold months when you know you are more prone to have this problem, be mindful to not over style or over manipulate the hair.

A simple washing or cold water bath

To solve the static issue, you could try washing and conditioning the wig, or you could just do an overnight soak in cold water. That would help tame those flyaways. This method needs more time and efforts to complete the whole process. If you think washing and conditioning is too troublesome or you are in a hurry, then try rubbing cold water on your hands and patting the hair down. This will work too!

A simple squirt bottle of water

Get yourself a simple squirt bottle of water. When you have a lot of flyaways there and you want to place them back into the style so they’re not sticking up everywhere, a simple squirt bottle of water will do the trick. Give your hair a gentle squirt and simply scrunch or manipulate the hair back into the main style with your hands. Sometimes when it dries it will stay that way and you may have to do this a couple of times throughout the day. If you resist over brushing and combing, the hair should stay down.

Styling cream or shaping cream

There are a lot of different styling cream or shaping cream on the market. Choose the product that works the best for your wig fibers. If you have some tiny fibers that are trying to get into your eyes all day, get some cream paste on your fingers and rub it to warm it up and tame those errant fibers. Compared with water bottle, fiber styling cream is more convenient to carry around in your bag.

Anti-static conditioning spray

There are always a bit of anti-static ingredients in a conditioning spray. Those conditioning products can tame static. Similar to what you do with the water, spray it to the hair and scrunch those flyaways back into the style. One advantage is that the conditioning spray smells better than water. After all you paid for those products. But if you are not a big fan of using lots of products in the hair, try the water method and put some conditioner in it. However, even the lightest conditioner tends to cause buildup on your hair, so try to limit the amount of conditioner you use.

Silicon spray for coarser type fiber

If you have coarser, dryer fibers and really tight corkscrew curls and the flyaways are massive, the conditioning method may not work for you. In this case, the styling silicon spray should come to your mind. Put some silicon spray on your hands, take the flyaways and push them back to the curls. The silicon spray has been most successful with the coarser type fibers. The standard conditioning spray will be effective on a lighter and finer fiber. But sometimes you need a little extra strength, and that’s when you can turn to the silicon spray.

Anti-static dryer sheet

You probably have heard of the dryer sheet method before. Take two dryer sheets, embrace the flyaways in sandwich and just pull it through to move the fibers back. Dryer sheets can be also used when you are packing your wigs and you put them inside of a plastic bag which tends to generate hair static. Put the dryer sheet inside and that will reduce the amount of the static electricity. Dry sheet is more like a temporary solution. If you’ve got a lot of fibers that are sticking up all over, dry sheets may not be your best options.

Fabric softener solution spray

Have you tried using fabric softener on the wig? If not, you’ve got another option. Prepare a 3:1 water to fabric softener solution in a spray bottle and spray the wig. That will help reduce the static electricity. When you take off the wig, put it on the mannequin head for next wearing, give a spray of this solution right around the hairline. This will soften and tame those flyaways. You just have to be careful not to get too much on the wig or it’ll look greasy.

Don’t you hate it when your wigs have all the static electricity and some of those fiber just stick straight up or they are just sticking right to your eyes. If you have to wear the wig all day, you certainly do not want to have this problem. It is just so annoying to constantly push them out of your eyes. If you are troubled by these issues, try the tricks mentioned above. Hope some of the tips will help you reduce wig hair static.

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