How to Add Volume to Wigs

Many people wear wigs to cover up their own thin hair. But sometimes wigs are so flat so that make your head look big or you just want more volume to have a fluffy hair. You may wonder is there any method to put more volume into a synthetic wig. Well, the answer is certainly yes. You can put it in the same way you do the human hair. The only difference is that a wig is going to have a little bit more hairs that can back brush or backcomb easier and they will actually stay better than a human hair wig or a your natural hair. To add more volume to your look, here are a few measures you can have a shot.


It seems that backcombing your synthetic wigs is the easiest and effective way to achieve the desired thickness and fullness. But keep in mind that backcombing is actually a irreversible process. If you backcomb your synthetic hair too much, you’re stretching out the fibers and damaging the hair gradually. You may argue that you could straighten it and bring it back to life. However, each wig has its own lifetime. Once it goes through the wear and tear and it starts to deteriorate to the point where it’s harder for it to take a curl and it’s harder for you to detangle it. It will never be exactly as it was when it was brand new. Then maybe it’s time to get you a new wig.

Before start backcombing, determine which part of your wig needs volume. As most people just want to add more volume on wigs for daily wear not for stage performance, to much volume on the whole wig appears to be too exaggerate. Then section off your hair with hands and hold the hair straight upward. Place a fine-tooth comb 3-4 inches away from the hair root and pull it back towards the root. Do not pull it too hard and repeat this process until you get the volume you desire.

After backcombing process, your wigs may look like a mess. But don’t worry, you have one more step to get the voluminous look. Grab your comb to smooth out the top layer of your synthetic wigs to hide the backcombed areas. Add some hair spray to hold the look. When you backcomb the hair, avoid backcombing form the very ends of the wig as this will make your hair too tangled and messy. By the way, the denser the comb you use to backcomb the wig, the more volume you will achieve!

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the most widely used methods to make synthetic wigs less shiny. You may not know that it’s also a good way to create more volume on the synthetic hair. In fact, dry shampoo has more advantages than you expect. It can absorb oils between washes and it adds a nice boost to your hair. Dry shampoo is a quick-fix solution for a temporary fluffy hair. It may not be able to last for a long time. Meanwhile, too much dry shampoo will make wigs look “dirty” and that’s not what you want to see. Dry shampoo can be a choice when you’re in a hurry to achieve a voluminous look.

Hair spray

Hair spray is always a good product when it comes to achieve a voluminous style. It increases the thickness of each hair strand of hair and gives the hair a “full” feeling. Once you finish your voluminous look, it can help maintain the hair shape for a long time. You don’t have to worry about losing its volume and going flat. It’s also helpful to apply hair spray when you increase your wigs’ volume with backcombing method. But too much hair spray is not recommended as it would be too heavy for the hair to hold lift. It should be noted that the hair spray should be specifically designed for synthetic wigs otherwise your synthetic hair may be damaged by some chemical ingredients. 


Curling method is probably commonly thought of when one thinks of adding volume to their hair. Normally curly hair seems to have more thickness and fullness than straight hair. Curling a straight synthetic wig shouldn’t be a difficult thing for most wig wearers. Check whether your wigs are heat-friendly or not before start curling. That’s important as wigs that are not heat-resistant will just melt as soon as they meet heat tools. The size of your curls will also influence the volume. If you want full volume, then go for big curls.

Go for a stylist

If you don’t know where to begin with the above-mentioned methods, a final option is available for you: go for a stylist. In this way, you will certainly get the volume you want without fear of messy result. You could ask the stylist to add layers to your wigs by cutting, styling or trimming. After all, they are professionals and they know how to enhance volumes with a few effective styling tips. You could show them a picture of your ideal voluminous look. Do remember find a stylist who is experienced and knows wigs inside and out. This method undoubtedly will cost you more, but the volume you get is worth it. Of course, consider investing in a synthetic wig that possesses the voluminous style that you are looking for if you are not on a budget.

Whether you are wearing a wig for fashion purposes or because you are dissatisfied with your natural hair, sometimes it's necessary to pump up the volume of your wigs. Choose your favorite method to achieve the voluminous look and prepare your hair for a nice day. Comment below to share with us your choice. 

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