How to Bleach Knots on Lace Front Wigs

Anyone who are familiar with lace closures will definitely notice the black knots on the lace. Each hair strand is hand hooked to the lace mesh hole. To secure hair strand the worker will make a knot at the root of the hair. There are two types of knots: single knot and double knot. As the name tells, single knot means one hair strand per knot and double knot refers to two or more hair strands per knot. The existence of these knots actually affects the natural look of lace closures to a certain degree and double knot is more visible than single knot.

Therefore, plenty of people dislike those knots and try to figure out a way to hide them. That’s why bleaching knots is getting popular. Bleaching knots can reduce their visibility and make the hair looks like it is growing out of your own scalp even upon close observation. It can be quite difficult to bleach knots without proper instructions as it involves some chemicals that may be harmful. So what does bleaching knots mean? And is there any disadvantages to bleach knots? All these doubts have been discussed in another blog named Is It Necessary to Bleach Knots published by ReadyWig. Here in this blog we will focus on how to bleach knots.

What you need: a mixing bowl, mixing brush, b/w bleaching powder, developer, foil, comb, neutralizing shampoo and conditioner

Step1: Take about one to two scoops of the bleaching powder into the mixing bowl.

Step2: Add certain amount of the developer into the bowl and mix them into a thick consistency.

Step 3: If your closure have flyaways or baby hair, lightly spray it down with water. Use a clean brush or comb to land all the flyaways because you don’t want them to bleach.

Step 4:  Lay the lace closure on the foil and gently dab the bleach onto the lace. Make sure you cover the entire lace area and don’t forget the hairline.

Step 5:  Cover the lace closure with the foil lightly. Don’t press the foil against the lace closure. Let it sit for about 25 minutes to check the process. If it’s not ready, wait for another 10 minutes. If it’s still not ready, keep checking it about every 5 minutes until you can see all the knots are bleached.

Step 6: Rinse all the bleach off the lace closure. Use neutralizing shampoo and conditioner to stop the bleach from working in case there is any bleach residue left. Leave shampoo on closure for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse out.

Step 7: Let your lace closure air dry. Try to avoid blowing dry after a chemical process to avert damage.


1.Remember to wear your gloves when handling with the bleach. If you have ever tried bleach knots without gloves, you will know that it burns really bad.

2.All the bleach material, no matter which brand it is, will have certain degree of pungent smell and make your eyes burn. Make sure the place you bleach knots is well ventilated and try to get the bleach with good quality.

3.A 40 volume cream developer is the highest volume that you can purchase without having a license or a cosmetology license. A 40 volume cream developer can bleach knots quickly than a 30 volume cream developer.

4.The consistency of bleach mixture should be thick enough so that it does not run through your lace closure and onto your actual hair, kind of like cake batter.

5.You’ll get a lot of fallout and shedding from your lace closure if they are over processed. So remember to check the condition of your lace closure otherwise it will be unusable even if you bleach all those knots.

6.When applying your bleach, be sure to go lightly and gently as much as possible because when you push it too hard through the lace onto the hair and the hair will begin to bleach.

7.It’s unnecessary to bleach knots of lighter hair colored or blonde lace closures as the knots are already light in color.


Bleaching the knots on your lace closure means removing pigment from the knots that keep each individual hair secured to the lace. Bleaching knots gives your lace a more seamless and natural look that resembles a real scalp. But this process do weaken the hair roots, reduce the durability of the lace and cause hair shedding to some extent. So once you decide to bleach knots on your lace closure, you have to accept those issues for a realistic scalp look. Hopes this blog gives you some idea on how to bleach knots. 

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