How to Bring Old Synthetic Wigs Back to Life?

So your wig is a tangled, stiff, crunchy mess? One of your most expensive synthetic wigs has tangled so bad? There is no choice but to throw it into garbage? 

Well, lots of stylists say that old ratty wigs are actually better at retaining styles than ones that are straight out of the bag. Never give up your old wigs. Never assume it was garbage and wasted money. There do exists some ways to resurrect your wigs from the grave. You can restore your favorite wigs without keeping being ripped off trying to find the same hair and people charging you expensive price. Don’t be lazy, try out the life saver method to hair wigs to bring it back from the verge of being thrown away! This article will show you how to quickly fix your old stiff synthetic wigs. Many other methods take a day or two because of drying time. This method takes under an hour! Check it out!


Put the wig on the mannequin head. Pin the wig in place to make sure it stay secured. Section off the wig into several separate sections to help make the detangling process easier. Take the paddle brush to brush through the hair to get rid of all the knots and tangles. Start brushing out from the ends and work your way right on up. After brushing, it will be still rough looking around the front and the ends are still pretty stiff. There are a few different things that can actually lead to stiffness on the wig. Usually friction, dirt and debris from makeup, different things that are going on in the air, oils and all kinds of hair products. It’s not recommended putting a ton of product in synthetic wigs. It will cause wigs to be more stiff over time and more prone to issues like stiffness.


Take an all-purpose comb and a feather razor. The razors are really safe, so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself with them. Razors have little guard right on the blade and it makes things much safer. First make sure the wig is straight up and down and is pinned evenly where the ear tabs are along the sides so that the final cut is rather even. Take sections of the hair and begin cutting the frizzy ends. Be careful that do not cut too much length of the hair. Just make sure the frizzy and splitting ends are removed to add some life  to the wig.


Next step is to cleanse the wig. Put some silicone mix shampoo in lukewarm water and give it a good swirl until you can see the bubbles. Then put the wig into the water and totally submerge it. Wash the hair thoroughly. You run your fingers through it to help remove all the excess oils and dirt. Now a lot of people will put makeup around the part line, so you need to work through there with your fingers to make sure there is nothing on there. When you are done with the cleaning, you’ll probably be stunned to see how cloudy the water has become. After the first wash, put the wig into cool water again to make sure you’ve gotten all of residue of cleanser.


After shampooed the hair, a lot of people will use conditioners used for real human hair to care and soften the wig. However, since synthetic wigs are not human hair, hair products won’t do anything for synthetic wigs because they have plastic fibers. You have to use special wig conditioners to condition the wigs and keep the synthetic fibers from rubbing against each other causing friction and tangling. Carefully work the conditioner through the hair and keep conditioner away from the cap. The conditioner can cause the hand tied knots to become untied, resulting in hair loss. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for about 15-20 minutes to soften it up and then rinse it out. Once you’re done with that, slightly squeeze the wig to get some of the excess hair out of there.


If you’ve gotten enough time to wait for the wig to air dry, then put your wig on a wig stand. If you want a quick way to dry your hair, go for blow dryer. Put the wig back to the mannequin head and gently separate out the bottom portion with hands. Grab your blow dryer and round brush. Pick out a section of the hair, lightly brush through it on the ends, and blow dry it on medium to low heat setting. If you put it on high setting, there’s a good chance of you burning up the wig even if it is heat safe. Also if you find that your blow dryers not strong enough, you can use a higher heat, but start out holding the blow dryer a further distance away.

Try to blow the hair in small organized sections. Roll the blow dryer at the wrist so you get a nice curl on the end (if your synthetic wig is curly). Hit the wig from different angles just to ensure that you’re getting all the sides evenly warm and evenly dry. Repeat the blow-drying process until you finish the whole wig. Brush though with the brush again to see if there are any harder areas on the ends that still need a bit more heat. If you do find that, go with the round brush and the blow-dryer again and warm it up a bit more.


After all the above steps, your may have saved you wig from the verge of being thrown away. But it seems like that there is something missing and it may still need improvement to make it meet your expectation. Well, the answer is styling your wig. The easiest way to style your wigs is with heat. With a curling iron, you can quickly restore your hair to cute and curly hair. With a hair straightener, you can have the sleek and silky hair again. You can have whatever curls you prefer or you can part your hair either to the side or the middle. Styling with heat is an excellent option because you can go from straight to curly any time you’d like without damaging your wig. You need to make sure that your wig is heat friendly to switch up your style. 

It’s believed that you are able to restore shine and silkiness to the wig through all these steps. There will be a lot steps involved in this process. Some of you may think that it’s not worth it or you feel like you’re too lazy to do this and it might be better off just buying a brand-new wig. Of course, you could buy a new one. But do a math here and figure out how much money you will save if you just stop throwing away old wigs and reusing your wigs for years. This would be a life saver for those who are on a budget. By the way, it’s quite amazing to see the old stiff wig into a soft reusable one. It’s just a magical transformation.

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