How to Choose Hairstyle for Wedding

Wedding ceremony is the most significant moment in the life of most women. This will be a lifelong memory and a single error is not acceptable. If you’re getting married soon, you probably will devote plenty of time to prepare for the grand wedding ceremony, from the wedding dress, makeup and all the other things that will occur in the wedding. What about your hair? Your wedding hairstyle plays a more important role than you thought. Then how to choose the hairstyle for your big wedding day? Read on to find out.


Face shape

Each individual is unique and there are no two identical faces in the world. A hairstyle that looks good on other people may not be suitable for you. so before you choose your wedding hairstyle, you should figure out what your face shape is and then select the hairstyle that would look good on the your face shape. Here are some suitable hairstyles for common face shapes.

Oval face: This face shape can slay almost any hairstyle as the oval face is regarded as the perfect face shape for many women. To seek for a sleek and chic look, you can sweep back all your hair to show everyone your well-proportioned face with confidence. Or you can have your hair down with a center parting, which will accentuate your cheekbones.

Square face: The perfect hairstyle for this face shape is a low bun with a few hair down form the ears to frame your face. It’s a good way to distract people’s attention to your strong jaw line. Or if you choose to put your hair down, try a long and straight hair with fringe to soften your face.

Long face: The classic topknot bun looks great on this face shape, but remember to make the bun on the upper back part of your head, otherwise it will make your face look longer. Another alternative is to have a side sweeping curls that will make your face look rounder than before.

Round face: Side-parted hair with a sleek ponytail is a good choice for this face shape. It will give people the illusion of higher cheekbones. Or if you want to have your hair down, then a deep side-parted hair with big waves will create a more angular look.

Wedding dress

A perfect wedding look is inseparable from a perfect makeup, hair and dress. Your hair shouldn't be competing with your dress, it should complement it. If your dress is simple, it's safe to go with a more dramatic hairstyle or you can apply some luxuriant and glittering hair accessories. If your dress is full of embellishment and sparkly details, consider a more simple yet elegant updo. If your dress has a open-back design, choose a side ponytail or braided hairstyle to show your gorgeous back and good body figure. In a word, always match your hair with your wedding dress, making yourself the most beautiful one of the day.


Lots of people may not consider weather conditions at all. In fact, weather conditions are quite important for those who hold wedding ceremonies outdoors. If your wedding takes place during cooler climates, it's safe to go for those gorgeous cascading curls. But if you're getting married in a hot and humid climate, consider an updo or braiding your hair, so you won't need to worry about frizzy hair sticking to your back because of sweat or your curls falling out. Besides, if it happens to be a windy day when you hold your outside wedding ceremony, putting your hair down will be a terrible choice.

Hair length, volume and texture

Not all people have full, voluminous hair on the head. You may have some hair issues that will impact your wedding look. To obtain the perfect hairstyle for the wedding, you could go for hair extensions or wigs. But it would be better for you choose human hair extensions or wigs as the hair texture and quality of human hair will present more natural look than synthetic hair. If will be embarrassed if you extensions or wigs give you away at the ceremony. After all, you need to wear these extensions or wigs a whole day to go through all the wedding procedures and entertain your guests. To make your hair extensions or wigs look more realistic, you could use jeweled hairpin or soft vine to your hair.

Wedding Hair Tips

1.Do trials to figure out which hairstyle is the best for you whether you do your hair by yourself on the wedding day or a stylist help you do that. You can come to a stylist with lots of pictures and inspiration to avoid any misunderstandings. However, Does it even look good with your hair texture and face shape? Is your hair long enough for it to be safely secured all day? Do you have enough hair to make the hairstyle look as voluminous and impressive as the photo you've seen? You will have to consider all these factors. What you like may not be suitable for you. Therefore, the best way is to try the hairstyle on your head to check the visual effect.

2.Don’t get a haircut right before your wedding. If you really want to cut your hair off, maybe you can try it six months prior to your wedding, just in case it is not the haircut you are expecting. So that you have some time for your hair to grow back to what you are comfortable with. Or don’t do any other drastic hair changes or dye jobs. Anything unpredictable may ruin your big day. But if you don’t mind wearing hair extensions or wigs on your wedding day, then you don’t need to worry too much. Any hairstyle that cannot achieved on your natural hair can be realized through hair extensions and wigs.

3.Wash your hair the night before the wedding. Whatever the hairstyle you do on the big day, it will actually last a lot longer just because your natural hair oil can help hold your hair a little bit more in place. If you wash your hair fresh on the wedding day, the curl might be too soft and it might fall a little bit. Or the straight hair might get lots of flyaway after you blow dry the hair, which will certainly influence your hair styling.

4.Change the hair look for the reception. Most brides will have a less elaborate dress for the wedding party to accommodate a night of dancing and merriment. Why not change your wedding hairstyle? Consider having a quick hair change or touch up in between the ceremony and reception. It’s your big day. Feel free and confident to change your hairstyle and show different images to your bridegroom and guests.

5.Prepare an simple hair kit. Put travel size versions of hair products in your makeup bag so that you can save yourself if there is anything wrong with the hair. Hairspray is something you must prepare. It will make your hairstyle last all day and you won't have to worry about having to fix it every couple minutes. Bobby pins, extra hair ties and a hair brush will always come in handy.

Wedding hair options are endless! No matter what hairstyle you choose finally, make sure to stay true to yourself and choose what makes you feel comfortable. Remember that the wedding ceremony is your day. It’s a happy and momentous celebration in your life. Don’t forget to sit back and have fun on your wedding day! Hope you find some useful ideas for your big day. Congratulations if you’re getting married soon!

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