How to Curl Synthetic Wigs Without Heat

In another ReadyWig Blog, we’ve talked about how to curl a synthetic wig with heat. As there are still many cheaper synthetics wigs that cannot resist heat, you’ll have to resort to other means to make your wigs curly. Otherwise if you persist in using heat to curling process, your synthetic wig is going to melt. Rather than curling your synthetic wigs with heat, the alternative is to learn how to curl a synthetic wig without heat.

Tips before curling your synthetic wig

Just as we mentioned in another Blog: How to Curl Synthetic Wigs with Heat, whenever talking about curling synthetic wigs, you have to consider one question: whether your synthetic wig can resist heat or not. You can find the answer by checking the tag on the inside of the wig, checking the product page or contact the wig company. No matter what wig brand you are using and no matter how expensive your wig is, be sure to check how hot your wig can be heated to before you use any kind of heat tools on them. So always heat test your wigs before any loss is caused.

Curling a synthetic wig without heat

Curling wigs without heat definitely has some pros and cons, but lots of wigs out there are not heat-resistant. For heat-free curling process, you’ll need a wig, rollers, a spray bottle with water in it and super strong hairspray, a wide-tooth and rat-tail tomb, bobby pins or clips for holding the rollers in place and big clips for holding hair.


1. Comb out the wig to get rid of all the knots and tangles.

2. Use your rat-tail comb to separate out several sections of the hair. Start the section from the bottom and clip the rest of the hair up out of the way.

3. Dampen the hair with a spray bottle of water. If don’t wet it first, the curls will probably fall right out, no matter how much hair spray you use.

4. Use some freeze spray onto the hair before wrap it up in a roller.

5. Section off a piece of hair, no wider the length of the roller, and run the roller from the base of the wig to the end of the hair to make sure there are no tangles or any thing. Then wrap the end of the hair around the roller and tuck it up. Roll it up the remaining length of the hair.

6. Blast it with hairspray again after it’s wrapped and pin the roller onto the base to make sure it’s really held on there while it dries. All that hairspray mixed with water will make it pretty crunchy but it will help hold the curl. The cheaper your wig, the more hairspray you may need.

7. Repeat the process all over the wig. Let it sit until the hair is completely dry.


1. The size of the rollers will influence the size of your curls. Larger rollers will give a loose, beachy wave and smaller rollers will give a more tightly curled appearance to your synthetic wigs. You can also mix and match rollers of different sizes to create a fun, free flowing curl style. So choose make up your mind on what kinds of curls you want before you choose the rollers.

2. The direction that you roll the hair will also have an impact on the curl look you achieve. You can experiment with different directions to see what appearance it gives you. For example, rolling the hair inward with the roller vertical will give you ringlet curls, while rollers in the horizontal position will give you fuller, softer curls.

3. Another thing to mention is that most of these wigs can actually take a little bit of heat, like using warm water in your spray bottle or speeding up the drying process with heat from a hair dryer. That will give you better curls in the end.

4. The trick to getting the curls to form on synthetic wigs is that they have to dry in this curled shape. When the curls are completely dry, unravel the rollers. If you start unraveling the rollers and find out that any of them are a little bit damp still, stop there and let them dry. Unwrapping them while they are still wet is just as bad as not wetting them in the first place. Both scenarios will end in less curls.

5. A downside of trying to style less-quality wigs is that usually there is not much hair on them, you are probably get some huge gaps in the hair, exposing the cap, wefts or your hair underneath. The wig quality determines the curl effect. Cheap wigs usually don’t have enough hair to pull off the fullness that tight curls need.

That’s how you can curl a synthetic wig without heat. The curls may not last as long as those curls produced by heat, but still it worth a try. Hope you learn something from this article and will try out these curling methods. Let’s see your wig transformations! Have fun!

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