How to Cut Wig Bang

Getting bangs right is absolutely crucial and makes a huge difference to one's face. Bangs are something that can frame your face. They are really good especially for someone who has maybe a particularly larger forehead or someone who maybe feels like their face is very much out there. However, to get the ideal bang style is not easy. Whenever you go to the hair salon, stylists always cut off more of your hair than you tell them to. They cut it their way, even when you showed them a picture.

Sometimes you just never get the bangs you want. So if you could train myself to cut your own hair bangs, that would be wonderful and you can save the time to go the salon’s whenever your bangs get longer. Whether you are working with a wig or your own natural hair, everyone wants a unique style that fits your personality and look. Here in this article, we’ll break down the science behind cutting wig bangs.

Before cutting wig bangs

Before you start cutting your bangs, it’s necessary to figure out what kind of bangs are you seeking for, side bangs or straight across bangs? The proper way is to make a decision based on your own face shape. Of course you can go for the bangs style you prefer. It’s just that bangs that are appropriate with your face shape will emphasize the advantages of your facial features and make you look more beautiful. So choose the bangs style by face shape seems to be the best option.

Round face shape: If you have a round face shape, you’d better have a side swept bangs. You want to make sure they’re nice and thick and not like all wispy and see-through. Make sure your bangs go from your brow to the top of your cheekbone on the opposite side. The reason why you choose side bangs is because you can elongate your face a little bit to make it more appealing to the eye. People with round face shape should avoid straight across bangs especially they are high above your brow because it will emphasize the roundness of your face.

Oval face shape: For most people, the oval face shape is the ideal face shape in the cosmetology world. If you have an oval face shape, you can literally wear any haircut and any bangs. Stay creative and there’s literally nothing that won’t look good on your face shape.

Square face shape: If you have square face shape, you may want bangs that go to touch your brow at least and even go a little bit lower like they’re barely kissing at the top of your lashes. Another thing with square face shape is that you may want soft lines to soften your facial features. If you have a square shaped face, what you want to avoid is super short straight bangs that further accentuate the square feeling of your face.

Oblong face shape: It’s similar to a square face shape but think about it more as a rectangle. People with an oblong face shape have strong jaw line. For this face shape, what you should avoid is super short bangs too high above your brow because that will drag all your features down and make your face look even longer. What looks great on an oblong face is bangs with soft lines that get longer around the edges and blend in to the rest of your haircut. Wispy long bangs around your forehead will look beautifully on oblong face shape.

Cutting wig bangs

The first thing of cutting wig bangs is how to find where the sectioning should go for your bangs. Everyone’s face shape is different. Usually you want to go about the corner of your eye. You want this triangle to match the corner of the eyes. It’s simple to find your natural part. If you comb you hair above the corner of your eye down and push up. The hair splits and you’ll see your parting right there. That’s how you find your natural part for your bangs and the area where to cut them.

Sweeping bang: It’s definitely great for somebody who wants more of that modern edgy kind of nice flowing fringe area or bang. Comb the sectioning straight down and cut probably just about to the bridge of the nose. Lay your fingers against the bridge of the nose and cut straight across. Take the hair straight down, lock your finger in again and cut straight across. Do not do any angling up or anything. You just need to cut a straight line.

After you have done that, you are going to create sweeping part of the hair. Come in through the corner of the sectioning, comb it straight down, angle your fingers upwards and cut the corner off (as seen in the following picture). Do this step on the other side to create a round shape. The reason the bang doesn’t sweep over is because that corner is preventing it from sweeping over. So when you remove that corner it actually removes all the weight.

The nest step is to comb the bang straight up and cut all the corner to remove the weight. When you finish this in one side, come on the other side and do the same thing. Finally take all the bang straight up in the middle and cut the excess layers. After this you will get a gorgeous sweeping bang, which allows you sweep your bang in both directions.

Straight blunt bang:  This is for somebody who wants a little bit heavier bang. After all the steps to cut a sweeping bang, lift your comb underneath and push the hair down to lock the comb in to exactly where you want to cut it. It’s usually at about the eyebrow level. Simply use the comb as your guide to cut the bang straight across. Now you have a perfect blunt straight bang.

Textured bang: Based on the straight blunt bang, you need to remove weight first to get a textured fringe. Comb the bang straight up to remove any excess weight on top. It’s simply layering the whole bang area so it has more shape to it. Then you have to create more choppy fringe. There is a variety of ways you can do that. You can use thinning shears to create this look. Take the shears to slide cut the hair ends to have a more shattered look. 

Whatever the types of bangs you want, just keep in mind that there is no standard for beauty. All face shape and all wig bangs have their own unique charm. All we pursue for is the one that may suit you most. As we always saying, the one that suits you the most is the best. Hope you get some useful ideas of how to cut wig bangs. Get started to cut your own bangs!

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