How to Get A Natural Hairline

Though wigs are gaining more and more popularity among the public, some people still hold suspicious attitudes towards wigs due to the potential unnatural look. Besides, plenty of wig users may have been having unrealistic hairline problem with wigs for so long, and their edges never match the hair texture. Indeed we have to admit that unlike real human hair is actually growing out of your scalp, wigs are made from synthetic fibers and they inevitably cannot offer the natural look like real human hair especially the hairline. But the versatility and convenience of wigs impose irresistible allure on girls, which inspires people to figure out measures to fix the hairline and make it look more real. Here in this article, we’ll show you how to get a natural hairline and indulge yourself in the charm of wigs.


1. A lace front wig or full lace wig is recommended if you are looking to create a natural looking hairline. Wigs come in a variety of styles, composition, lengths, textures and colors.  Lace wigs are where human or synthetic hair is tied to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp.

2.You might opt for a wig that has bangs to cover up the area where your natural hairline would be if you have a receding hairline.

3. Choose a wig cap that’s a close match to your skin color to make it look like your scalp. Usually a flesh tone cap is recommended because you’ll see underneath when you part the lace. Your scalp is always a lot lighter than your face because it doesn’t get enough sun. Lighter colored cap looks more like your scalp. If you wear a black wig cap, it’s going to be look darker underneath.

4. Align the wig as close as possible to your hairline for a natural look. A common mistake that people make is that they place the wig too far up on their head which shrinks your forehead and looks unnatural. When you’re securing the wig in place, try to line it up with your natural hairline. Look in the mirror while you’re positioning your wig and check to make sure it’s not too high or low before you secure it. This will keep the wig looking natural and prevent your forehead from looking too small or large. 

5. Keep your edges under the wig. It’s common that your own hair is curly while your wig is straight and you don’t plan to straighten your own hair to blend with this wig. Through this way you don’t have to worry about blending. For example, you have thin edges or shaved sides or your hair texture doesn’t match the lace. You don’t have to worry about it. You can have seamless natural edges and hairline without doing anything to your own hair.

6. Define your hair parting by plucking and powdering it. Some parts in wigs may look really fake by being too narrow. This wig for some reason had a very short part. To make your part look more real, use tweezers to pluck around the part to widen it. Take some makeup setting spray or water to spray your brush. Dip it into the powder or foundation which color is a little whiter than your skin color to cover the hair knots and make the parting look just like your own parting. After this step, you will notice that the hairline looks extremely natural, a hundred times better than its previous look.

7. Make the baby hair by yourself. Although lots of synthetic wigs come with a little bit of pre-plucked baby hair and are ready to wear fresh out of the package, you still need to pluck a few hairs out of the hairline and part if it’s too thick and presents unnatural looking. But if you don’t have pre-plucked baby hair and you want to create a realistic looking hairline. You can follow the following easy steps below.


1) Start with braiding your own hair to make sure it lays flat as much as possible.

2) Put on a wig cap, make sure all you hair underneath is sweetly covered, and secure it to ensure the wig won’t come off.

3) Take random pieces of hair in the front and just pull them down. Pin the rest of the hair out of the way.

4) Get an eyebrow razor and start to razor toward the back and the front of the hair you pull down. It creates a frizzy look and it’s an effective method to create a natural seamless looking hairline, especially when your own hair doesn’t blend with the texture of the wig.

5) If you find the baby hair is kind of too long, repeat the same process to cut more hair. Just make sure your baby hair won’t be too short or too long.

6) Use tweezers to pluck the straightness from the edges, mimicking a more natural hairline. Remember not to go overboard with the tweezing. Avoid removing too many hairs from a particular spot, since that can make the wig look bare.

7) Comb the baby hairs forward to get rid of all the hair that came loose during this process and take a toothbrush to frame your hairline and do not add product on it. You will see that hairline is way more natural than that rounded moon shape hairline of the original wig.

Naturally a hairline isn’t as full and round as the wig hairline. If you look at anyone’s hairline, it’s naturally kind of rugged. There’s some thinner spots than other spots and that’s how it looks natural. So you need to try to give your wig that same effect to make it look as natural as possible, even with a inexpensive wig. Normally we mimic our natural hairline by tweezing and plucking the wig hairline. But not all the people are good at tweezing the hairline. Well, they just need more practice by following these useful tips. All of you can have a natural hairline!

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