How to Keep Synthetic Wigs From Tangling

All wig wearers know that whether you wear human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, both of them will get tangled as you use them, especially for those wigs with gorgeous long curls. The wigs get tangled much more than your natural hair. The scalp of your head produces natural oils which help your hair not to tangle, while there is no such option available for the wigs. Therefore, wigs do get tangled. However, by taking care of few things you can keep your wigs from tangling. For those who suffer the struggle of tangles, here are some tips that will make wigs less tangled.

Why synthetic wigs get tangled?

Have you ever wondered why your human hair wigs tangles? There could be a few reasons why your wigs are constantly tangling. Hair texture, wigs quality, as well as the conditioning of wigs can all contribute to tangling. Besides, harsh weather and extreme weather conditions could also affect your hair wigs. The frequency of wigs brushing is another reason that your wigs may easily get tangled. Now you understand why your wigs are tangling. Let’s look for solutions to prevent tangling and matting wigs.

How to prevent synthetic wigs from tangling?

Just remember, one of the best ways to get rid of tangles is to keep them from happening. So how to prevent wigs from tangles? Let’s check together.

1.Using the right brushes or combs

Not all brushes and combs are suitable for synthetic wigs. Wide toothed comb and round-tipped bristles brush can be your choice. Right brushes or combs will untangle the finer knots that you get after a day wearing without damaging the wig fiber. It is advised to use a synthetic wig spray before you comb the hair. This acts as a lubricant and helps to easily untangle the hair and smoothes it for combing. The best way to comb is to start from the hair ends and work it up until the scalp which would prevent tangling. 

2.Using the right hair products

Normal shampoo and conditioner do not work on your synthetic wigs as synthetic fibers won’t absorb those substances like your natural human hair. There are shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for synthetic wig fiber. The same applies to styling products. Those specific products are much better for the synthetic fiber, such as hair tip liquid, detangling spray and hair oil spray. You can use hair oil spray onto dry fibers before you start detangling. Use products that apply moisture and provide hydration to your wigs as dry hair can lead to tangles.

Besides choosing hair products that are specifically for synthetic wigs, there are also ingredients you probably should avoid when choosing your hair products. Alcohol is really the one that you want to avoid as it dries out your wig, making it more prone to tangling. Using hair products that contain sulfates can strip the hair strands which cause them to become weaker and lead to shedding eventually.

3.Avoiding excessive exposure to heat

If you consistently blow-dry, straighten or curl your synthetic wigs, just imagine how much heat your hair strands are exposed to! This inevitably leads to dry and dull hair, which is more prone to tangling. If you insist to use hot tools, at least use your hot tools on a low to medium temperature setting. Be extremely cautious when around hot ovens, stoves and grills. The excessive heating will make human hair being dry, then easy to tangle.

4.Do not wear your wigs while sleeping

Plenty of people will wear wigs when they sleep. Sleeping in a wig is possible but it’s not recommended. You may not know how many times you will move while you’re in sleeping state. All the friction between your wig and the pillow make your wig get tangled. Consequently, you’ll wake up with a messy and tangled wig the next day. While you sleep, remove your wig and put on wig stand to avoid excessive knots and tangles. If you still want to sleep in a wig, you’d better choose an old wig and braid your wig to reduce friction as much as possible. A silk pillow will also be helpful.


It may feel risky to take the scissors to your favorite wig! And it is a bit of a last resort. But if you want to keep wigs longer and you can bear to lose a couple of inches of length. If you cannot give it a trim, then ask a hairdresser to do it for you. You could avoid serious tangles by trimming off the worst of the frizz at the tips. You could trim your wigs a little bit shorter every month for a while to reduce tangles and increase your wig’s longevity.

It’s inevitably that all synthetic wigs will get tangled finally, what you could do is to try your best to prevent your wigs from tangling and make your wigs last longer. Make the most out of every synthetic wig. If your wigs get tangled seriously, click here to know to detangle your synthetic wigs. Hope this blog is useful to you. What do you do to keep your wigs tangle free for as long as possible? Let me know about your favorite tips and tricks in the comments!

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