How to Tone 613 Frontal and Bundles

Blonde hair is beautiful and gorgeous. But sometimes the yellow brassy looking blonde is not the look you are pursuing. You may notice that weeks after you dye your hair blonde, the hair takes on an unwanted yellow. That is because your hair isn’t naturally blonde and the toner used with the bleach to create blonde color wears off. This is also true of human hair frontal and bundles. Luckily, there are ways to tone brassy blonde hair and turn it into a very icy platinum blonde.

Purple Shampoo method

Items you need: 613 frontal and bundles, a container to put water, a brush, a rat-tail comb/spoon to mix, shimmer light shampoo (blonde & silver), hair clip

Step 1: Mix shampoo into water. Fill your container up with warm water. If the water is too cold, the shimmer light shampoo doesn’t dissolve well. Put a good amount of shimmer light shampoo into the water to make the water purple enough. Grab your rat-tail comb to mix shimmer light shampoo into the water until all of it is dissolved and there is no clumps in the water.

Step 2: Prep the bundles. Once that’s mixed up, cut the rubber band from the bundles, open it up, shake it out and fold them over. Folding them over will give you more control of the bundles than having all this hair all around the place. Fold them in half and put a hair clip on the track to keep the bundles together. Before you dip the hair, brush through it to make sure there aren’t any knots in it.

Step 3: Pull and dip the hair. Dip the ends of the hair into the water, and use your fingertips slowly push the hair in. Once all the hair is submerged under the water, repeat pulling and dipping the hair so that the toner can get on the hair and the shampoo touches every single strand in the bundle. There is no time limit for the dipping process. You just keep doing so until you get the hair color you like.

Step 4: Rinse the bundles. Rinse the hair with a cool water to make sure all of the shimmer light shampoo is rinsed out of the hair so to stop the process of toning. The lace is a key step. Don’t forget to rinse your bundles. Repeat exact the same steps to tone all your bundles and the frontal. 

Wella toner method

What you need: 613 frontal and bundles, Vaseline, Wella color charm ash medium brown 4A, Wella color charm toner T27 and T14, hair developer volume 10 and 20, brush, saran wrap, comb, purple shampoo, clips

Step 1: Apply Vaseline on the lace. Go ahead and use some Vaseline and apply it all over the lace. This will act as a shield and protect the lace from what you actually color the hair. And it doesn’t bleed through the lace because you don’t want your lace to get ruined. You can also use got2be free spray to do this.

Step 2: Add roots to the frontal. Put hair dye of ash medium brown into the mixing bowl with the hair developer volume 10. Use a brush to apply the mix to the roots. You can apply it further if you want more dark roots. Use some saran wrap to separate the hair because you don’t want the darker color to touch the blonde. It will look a hot raggedy mess if the black dye bleeds onto the other parts of the hair. Also make sure you have a comb to part the hair where you want to apply the dye.

Step 3: Wash out the dye and start toning. Leave this on for about 15 minutes and then wash it. After you wash out the dye, move on to toning. Mix hair toner T27, hair toner T14 and two parts of hair developer volume 20 in a mixing bowl. And then apply the mixed product all over the frontal hair. The hair tones really fast, so you don’t want to leave it off for very long. Ten minutes should be enough and then wash the product out. If you leave the toner on for too long you will end up with like a silvery gray hair.

Step 4: Dip the hair in shampoo water. Put the shampoo into the bucket of water (it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold water), dip the lace frontal in and pull it out. The hair will be nicely toned. Do not leave the hair in the purple shampoo for too long because the hair might get too white or it might even start looking a little purplish. Do not put the purple shampoo directly on the hair. Because sometimes you will find that you get little blotchy purple marks.

Step 5: Tone the bundles. Use the same products and process to tone the wefted hair. For the bundles, you don’t need to add roots. You just need to tone the hair to get rid of that yellow brassy color. Just add some clips to separate so it’s a lot easier to apply the mixed product with the brush. Use your finger to distribute the product all over the hair so you don’t miss any part of the hair. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the bundles because the hair tone works really fast. Leave the toner on for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it off. 

When you are done with the toning, just go ahead to customize the frontal so it looks natural. Go with your tweezer and start tweezing behind the hairline. Take your time with this because you don’t want to leave any bald spots in your frontal. And then make a wig with these frontal and bundles. To make the wig look better and natural, you can style it whatever you want. Instead of a yellowish and brassy look, you’ll get a icy platinum blonde or silver ash blonde wig. If you are thinking about toning your blonde hair, try the above method and comment below to tell us your experience.

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