How to Wear Wigs with Glue

For new beginners, they may feel puzzled at how to secure the wig and prevent it from falling off. It would be embarrassing if the wig comes off in front of the public. Then you start to search tutorial videos about how to wear lace front wigs. Adhesive glue must be a thing you come across a lot when Youtubers teach people how to wear a wig. Adhesive glue is a product that helps you keep the wig in place and got2b glue is the most popular brand when it comes to wig wearing. So how to use glue for lace front wigs? Find the answer in this blog.

How to use glue?

Putting on wig

The first thing you need to do is to put on the wig and pull all the hair back. Use a clip to clip it back into place. After clipping the hair back, move the wig back just a tiny bit. You don’t want them to fall back when you apply the glue.

Rubbing alcohol

Use some rubbing alcohol to rub your skin that all along the perimeter of your hair. This will really clean the surface to make sure there’s no dirt, oils, makeup or anything like that and help the glue stick much better. You don’t need to do any kind of vigorous rubbing. You just graze the area and that should be enough.

Applying the glue

Take the glue and rub it all along the perimeter of your hairline. Don’t put the glue right on to where your edges start. It’s pretty much just on your forehead area. This is really a key. Because if you put it right onto your hairline it makes it a little more challenging to remove the glue. You may end up pulling your edges. So do remember to go a little bit farther away from your edges.

Blow-drying the glue

After popping a thin layer of glue onto the perimeter of your hair, take your blow-dryer to lightly blow all of the areas that you put the glue on. When you are doing this, you don’t want the glue to be completely dry. Blow it for about 30 seconds to where the glue gets pretty tacky and much more sticky. When you are using the blow dryer, you can use any temperature you want. You can also switch between hot and cold so that it won’t be too hot to burn your skin and it won’t be too cold to get dry.

Bonding the wig and skin

Then after about 30 second to a minute you should be able to pop your wig right on to where you put the glue. Use your fingers to press lightly on to the perimeter of the wig so that lays flat against your skin and really bonds with the glue. It should stick fairly well. But if it doesn’t, you can go ahead and use your hairdryer again to make sure it’s fully dry.

Styling the wig

Once you have done around the entire perimeter of your hairline. That’s pretty much it. Honestly, it’s the fastest, easiest and simplest way to use the glue. It works amazing every and any time that you use this method. And then you can style your hair in your normal way, like creating a part and using the blow dryer to make sure your hair is laid down pretty flat and nice. After that, take a little bit of concealer on a very small brush to define your part and get rid of that little line of demarcation between the lace frontal wig and your skin. 

How long does the glue last?

People are often curious about how long does the glue can last, and the answer to that is not long at all. A lot of the confusion that people had on the glue is because they thought it was a real glue, but it’s not. It’s literally just a hair glue and it’s not going to last that long if you gets in contact with any kind of moisture or water or the glue is going to remove itself. So if you’re working out, if you’re showering, or if you’re just sweating profusely, it will loosen up the glue.

With that being said, it doesn’t take a whole lot to remove the glue. If you really want you can just rip it right off your head, but the premise is that you don’t apply the glue onto your edges. It’s not going to affect anything and it doesn’t hurt to take it off. If you are applying the glue directly onto your edges, you’d better wash it and do all that staff to remove it otherwise you’re just wrecking your edges. Other than that, get it wet and it will immediately come off.

If you are always worrying that the clips and the strap isn't good enough to hold and secure the wig. Adhesive glue can be your choice. Applying the glue is really a simple process. You keep playing with it and find things that work for you. If you still worry about the glue will damage your edges, then you still have alternative measures without using glue. If you have any advice or suggestions about how to use the glue for lace front wigs, feel free to tell us. 

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