Invisible Lace Wig Install

Having an invisible lace wig look is the ultimate purpose for every wig wearers. Regardless of the reason why you start wearing wigs, what you are seeking for is to enhance your current look. However, an invisible lace look is not that easy especially for wig beginners. The color difference between the lace and your skin and how you cut the lace will affect the results. Here in this blog, we’re going to tech you some tricks step by step to help you achieve an invisible lace wig look.

1.Prepare a cap. Get the caps from Amazon or local beauty store. Choose caps that are skin colored so they will match perfectly with your skin tone. Take some got2be glue freeze blast spray and put it around your edges. This will protect your edges and also glue down your cap.

2.Cut the cap. Take a pair of scissors and cut a small hole around your ears and shape it around your ears. Be careful when you are doing this. Because this is a stocking cap, any little rip will make the cap get runs in it. So cut this hole really small and then stretch it a little bit around your ears. This trick allows you to be able to glue down your sideburns on that cap. If you don’t have that hole in your cap, it’s going to lift near your ear and that stocking will not touch your skin when you spray the freeze spray.

3.Blow dry and glue down the cap. Take a blow dryer and blow dry that freeze spray till it’s completely dry. If it’s not completely dry, your cap is not going to stay on. After it’s dry, take the scissor and cut off the rest of the cap that is not glued down. Some people like to use lace wig glue to do this part to glue down their wig cap, but sometimes that could be a little harsh. So it ‘s really smart if you use the got2be glue or the got2be freeze spray.

The best part about using these two products is that you can still shape your cap to your head shape. So sometimes you spray it down too far on your forehead, but with the freeze spray you can pull it back a little bit and cut. With lace glue, it’s not that easy because lace glue is really harsh and it stays for a couple of days. It’s hard for you to adjust the location of he cap.

4.Trim and color the cap. Trim the cap to where you want it to be. Take your bronzer in the color caramel and put this on the edges of that cap. Even though this cap is skin colored, using bronzer helps match your skin perfectly. It is the exact color of your skin. This step is not necessary if your cap matches you completely.

5.Color the wig lace. Before you glue down your wig, make sure you’re always trying your wig on a couple of times before you make decisions. You don’t want to make the wrong decision and be screwed. If your lace on the wig is a little white, how to fix it? Take your bronzer again and color the lace wig. Put the wig back on your head and you’ll notice it matches perfectly with your skin. At this point you’re just figuring out where you need to lay your wig. This is an important step that all people should follow.

6.Cut the wig lace. Cut the lace of your wig around your ear. This is kind of like the same thing you did on the cap. This step prevents your sideburns from flapping up. It will be really uncomfortable if you do not cut the lace around your ears. Then cut into the lace. Do not cut all the way back towards the hairline. Cut some little flaps.

7.Measure where to lay your wig. Then measure where you want your actual hairline to be. The trick about a hairline on a lace wig is to not put it too far on your forehead because that will look a mess. Just make sure it’s a little bit further behind if you still want baby hairs. Measuring where to put the wig takes a couple of minutes. Perfection takes a minute.

8.Glue down the wig and cut excess lace. Then take a popsicle stick and put some glue under those flaps. Next lay the lace down from one side to the other and wait till it dries. Once it dries, cut off the rest of the lace that’s not glued down. Take a blow dryer and blow dry the glue. Make sure it’s really dry. Then take a eyebrow razor you get from the beauty supply store to cut off the extra lace.

The reason to use razor is because it gives a little jagged cut while scissors give you a straight cut. Jagged patter makes the lace blend a little bit more and looks more invisible. What will make your lace blend really well is when the lace is not cut so evenly. Make sure the lace is glued down really tightly and there is no leftover pieces that you need to glue down.

9.Blend the lace. At this point, you can still see the lace a little bit. So take the bronzer that you used before, tap a little bit of the bronzer on top of the showing lace with the makeup brush. Tie the lace down with a hair band so that it can really secure and get dry. While you are waiting , you can do your makeup routine first and then come back to blend the lace a little bit more.

If you are not satisfied with the look and feel like you can see the whole shape of the lace. Try putting some alcohol onto a napkin and rubbing it over the lace gently to dilute the bronzer color. It helps blend your lace flawlessly and make the whole lace invisible.

10.Style the hair. Once you are happy with how your lace looks, you can move on to styling the hair. You may start with the baby hairs. Just make sure while you are handling with the baby hairs, any type of gel or edge control will give you a really harsh look. Some mousse or styling foam shall be fine to give a neat and clean baby hair look. After styling your baby hairs, you can part you hair but the premise is that your wig still deliver a natural look however you part the hair.

Another important thing to do when you are wearing a colored wig or even a black wig is to make sure that the part and your hair is standing out. Use the same bronzer for this part. Some people like to use concealer but it’s liquid and can literally get everywhere. While powder is super soft and easy to use. Make sure the part is the exact skin color of your face. It gives a more realistic look that the wig hair is coming from your actual scalp.

The whole process may seem complex, but each step helps you a step closer towards a invisible lace wig look. And practice makes perfect. Even if you do not get a satisfactory result for the first time. Do not give up. Follow these steps and little tricks, you’ll see an unexpected effect. Hope this article offer your some insight on how to create a natural and invisible wig look. How do you make your wig install invisible?

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