Is Bleached Knots Necessary

If you're a newbie to lace wigs, you may encounter a tough decision: whether you should get bleached knots or unbleached knots. Perhaps you hear the term for the first time and cannot make a quick decision without knowing their pros and cons respectively. Actually whether the knots are bleached or not will affect how natural your lace wig looks and how long your lace wig will last. Now, you’re probably wondering: Then which one should I choose? Well, read through this blog to get your answer.

Types of knots

There are two types of lace wig knots: single knot and double knot. Single knot means one hair strand per knot and double knot means two or more hair strands per knot. Single knots looks smaller than double knots, making single knots look more realistic. Double knots tend to be larger and visible upon closer observation. Single knots are usually put at the hairline to create a natural look. After all, it will increase the whole cost and production period to make a full hand-tied lace wigs. Double knots are usually used to increase the hair density. But single knots are not as durable as double knots and are prone to tangling.

Unbleached knots

All hand-tied lace front wigs are made with the technique called by ventilating, which means sewing individual hair strand with a tiny needle onto a lace mesh base. When the hair is tied to the lace base, there is a dark knot where each strand is secured. These visible knots look like tiny seeds. Actually it’s hard to notice these knots from a far distance. But if you take a close look, these knots are kind of obvious and it definitely presents unnatural wig look. Some people don’t mind the knots while still many people can’t stand them. The hair knots without going through bleaching process are unbleached knots.

Pros: Unbleached knots will have a longer lifespan and less shedding problems.

Cons: Unbleached knots are visible in appearance and make wigs look unnatural. 

Bleached knots

To reduce the visibility of hair knots and make lace wigs look more natural, some people will choose to bleach the knots. The bleaching is a chemical process and it will change the hair properties permanently. The chemicals will damage the cuticles of hair and hair color will be lightened to light color, which is an irreversible process. By making the knots lighter it conceals the tiny knots and creates an illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp. Lighter hair colored or blonde lace wigs do not need bleached knots because the knots are already light in color.

Pros: Bleached knots look very natural. Even if you observe the hair at a very close distance, the hair knots won’t be that obvious.

Cons: Bleaching will weaken the hair roots, lessen the durability of the lace and leads to quicker shedding. Besides, only human hair with intact cuticles can be bleached and the knots on black hair cannot be bleached at all.

Which one is better?

Actually bleached knots need to be treated with chemical reagents, and the hair will be damaged to different degrees according to the quality of bleached products. Generally the manufacturers will not do this, but try their best to reduce the visibility of the hair knots in the choice of lace and the technology of hooking the hair strands to the lace. Probably you will say that you can bleach the knots by yourselves, but the bleaching process is a skillful job and it’s not suitable for inexperienced people.

If you feel hesitate to use lace wigs with bleached knots but want to seek for a realistic scalp looking, here is an alternative. That is to use makeup such as foundation or powder. Coat the hair knots with the makeup to create the illusion of bleached knots without being treated with chemicals. This method saves you the trouble of shedding but still looks very natural. And it also works with black color hair and even synthetic hair. The only drawback is that you have to re-apply makeup after every washing of your lace wigs.

After above analysis, we’ve already known that both bleached and unbleached knots have their own advantages and disadvantages. Then you may wonder: which one is better. Well, there is no correct answer here. If you pursue natural look in appearance, then choose bleached knots. If you want your lace wigs last longer and you don’t care about knots, then unbleached knots is the way to go.

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