Is It Too Hot To Wear A Wig In Summer

Summer is here! It’s time for all kinds of outdoor events. But wig wearers may have a little trouble: is it too hot to wear wigs in the summer? How can I keep my head cool and comfortable during the summer? Yes, it is indeed hot wear wigs in hot weather. But for the benefit of versatile hairstyles and beautiful look, we can do something to overcome this little trouble. Keep reading to know how to beat heat in summer and protect your wig from sun damage.

How to beat heat when wearing wigs in summer?

Open cap wig. Avoidance of the direct sun for a long prolonged period of time can only be temporary. You have to be out in the heat sometimes. So you can choose a wig style that’s going to help you stay cool. You’ve may heard open cap wig before. This type of wig style is going to give you the most ventilation, because you have open webs throughout the top sides and back of your style. There is a lot more stretch and you will feel very comfortable. It releases heal a little better than a full monofilament top or a completely hand-tied wig which will really trap the heat.

Shorter wig style and seek shade. Typically you may choose a shorter style to stay cool in summer. However, if you are a fan of longer styles even in the summer time, there are things you can do to help stay cool while wearing your longer hairstyles. Simply by removing or styling the hair off the neck is really going to give you some comfort and relief in terms of the heat. Seeking shade and using an umbrella will give you a lot of relief from the heat and the direct sun. Also wearing a hat will reflect the sun away from beating right down on your face and head.

Headliners or cotton headband. There are things you can put under your wig that might help wick away the sweat. The headliners are recommended for any person who must wear a wig in the summer. It fits right up inside the cap as a liner. It has an absorbent material to help you absorb sweat and make the wig much comfortable. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you might want to give the headliner a try. Headliners are not cheap but worth the price. Another thing you can do is to wear a thin cotton headband underneath the wig. It does serve to secure the wig but it also wicks away the moisture.

How to protect wigs from the sun and UV damage?

You may honestly never thought about sun damage with wigs! But sun on wigs may cause fading of the color, dryness and fraying, as well as warping of the style due to breakdown of permease. Protecting your synthetic style from the sun would be similar to how to stay cool as well. Seeking out shade would be something that you would consider just to get the direct sunlight off of your hair.

Another thing is hat. A variety of hats can be worn very comfortably on top of wigs. Wide brimmed hat would be a good choice. It gives you some neck protection as well as all around the face. It offers a lot of protection as it will reflect the sun back up and away from the hair. The most popular style of hat to wear in the summertime especially for sports event would be basic ball cap. A basic ball cap can be adjusted to wear over any wig style. You can use it as a cute accessory as well as being functional to keep the sun off of your head.

How to prevent wigs from drying out and fading?

Actually there are no products that are specifically to from your wig from the sun in terms of UV damage. Once the hair gets dry it’ll lose its luster, it’ll start to split, fray and kind of gum up and stick together. So moisturizing the hair is going to really important for your synthetic styles. There are tons of conditioning products out there in the market. You could choose a leave-in conditioner that you can use before and after your exposure to the sun. But you may have to wash wig more often when using conditioner frequently.

You can also style your long wig in a way to limit the surface area that the sun is going to hit. Styling your long wigs can help limit sun exposure and help keep you cool. Such styles as pony tails and buns will be helpful. Or you can also wear hats or headbands. But there is a issue here. Using hair accessories for long periods of time in hot weather can cause permanent crimping of the hair.

In a word, the bottom line when protecting you synthetic wig style from the sun is cover up and limit the exposure to the sun. Seek some shade by umbrella, hat, scarf or anything else to cover up. Besides, just remember the synthetic wig style is prone to drying out. So use conditioning mist on a regular basis and even more when you know you are going to have sun exposure on your wig. And lastly the styling is also important as you can limit the surface area that the sun will hit on your wig. Another tip for you is to select an inexpensive wig as your “sun wig”. That way the damage from sweat, conditioners and increased washing to the wig won’t make you heart broken.

There is a lot you can do to limit the damage from the sun and to stay cool, comfortable and beautiful in hot summer days. What’s your trick to have a cool summer while wearing wigs? Wish everybody have a great and cool summer!

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