Let's Talk About Ear Taps

Every part of the wig serves its own purpose. You may hardly notice the ear taps of your wigs. But they are indeed vital to properly fitting a wig. But ear taps can be a problem too for someone with petite head because large ear taps will fall onto your ears and make you feel uncomfortable. Then how to solve this issue and why exactly ear taps are important on wigs? Keep reading the article to keep yourself informative.

Why Are Ear Tabs Important on Wigs?

When talking about wearing wigs, you probably won’t think about ear tabs at all. If the wig fits your head perfectly, it’s indeed hard to notice and feel the ear tabs in the cap. But as a wig wear, it’s definitely necessary to know what an ear tab is since it’s so important to keep your wig looking natural and realistic. The most important role of ear tabs is help you guide the placement of your wig on your head. Only when the ear tabs are placed in the right position, the wig can fit your head properly and you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing wigs all day.

Knowing more about ear tabs is going to help you get a comfortable fit with your glasses or sunglasses while wearing hairpiece. First you need to know there are several types of ear tabs, including closed, open, velvet-lined, and silicon-lined ear tabs. Among these types of ear tabs, open ear tab is the best choice for glasses wears because it has a small opening in the lining, which allows you to thread your glasses’ arms through and prevents possible painful headache. But be careful anyway! Never force your glasses into an ear tab. It may break the thin arms of glasses. Read more about wearing wigs with glasses here!

How To Cut Ear Tabs off A Wig?

Ear taps are quite important on wigs for you to put on wigs properly. However, for some of you, if your heads are a little bit more petite, you may find that these ear taps and the insides of the wig are going to be resting on your ears or hitting them, and it may start to hurt your ears. So for this reason, you may try cutting off the extra ear tabs to fix this problem. Keep in mind that when you are cutting your tabs, you’re going to lose some hair because ear tabs have hairs sewn into them. You need to be very careful about where you cut and know exactly how much hair you’re going to lose.

But how to do that? First, you need to take your wig inside out and you’ll see the ear tabs are on the sides. They have a little piece of metal in them. So to get rid of the ear taps, go and grab yourself a pair of scissors. Just because if they are adjustable ear taps, you are going to see some wires in there. So make sure your scissors are good enough that they will cut through metal. Use a rat-tail comb to section off the hair you’re going to cut and start cutting along the strap line. Just angle it up a little bit so you don’t cut into the lace. And repeat the same process to the other side. And you’ll see the wires in the ear taps. You have to remove them or that’s going to poke you. Take your needle nose pliers to pull those wires out.

When you cut your ear taps off a wig, you have lost your grip to be able to adjust, so you have to keep it straight where your ear tabs used to be. This should not affect how the overall wig fits your at all. It just take that pressure off your actual ear. After getting rid of the ear tabs, it should be a thousand times more comfortable for you. There will be nothing pushing on your ears. One more thing to mention here, you may not be able to tuck the hair behind your ears because you don’ have the ear taps unless your bio hair matches the root color of the wig. Otherwise it may seem to be a little unrealistic. Anyway, whether to remove the ear taps or not is a give-an-take and it’s totally up to your choice.

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