Make It Happen: Wearing Wigs At The Gym

Working out and keeping fit has become a mainstream and an indispensable part of many people’s lives. Exercise is like a main form of stress relieving whenever you feel down or feel stressed. However, those who wear wigs for fighting hair loss often find it difficult to exercise with a wig on. There is nothing worse than sweat dripping off the face and the wig sliding back while you are exercising. You don’t want to feel embarrassed in front of other people. Then how to deal with sweat and avoid those awkward scenarios? Here are some tips for working out and wearing a wig.

Wear an old wig. Sweat is unavoidable while you are exercising. But prolonged periods in sweat may damage the hair fibers. And you cannot afford to wash your favorite or best wig every single night. So it’s suggested not to wear your best wig or expensive wig for the gym. Choose an wig that you won’t wear every day or that isn’t your favorite or one that you’ve kind of got its wear out of now. This will prevent your favorite wig from excessive wear and make the best of your old wig.

Wear short style. One of the ways to make you feel more comfortable while wearing a wig and doing sports is to wear a short style wig. Short wig make you feel less hot and the length is easier for you to tuck it behind your ears, so that it is off your face and does not get in the way. Of course, you can still wear long wigs. But you’d better tie your wig into a ponytail or put it in a bun or braid it to keep hair off your face.

Wear a wig cap. Be sure to wear a wig cap under the wig whichever way you choose to exercise. It will prevent the wig lining absorbing too much sweat moisture, dirt and oils. It can reduce the frequency of washing your wig and extend its lifespan. Choose a wig cap that is lightweight and breathable to make your scalp feel cool.

Wear cool, lightweight wig. The best kinds of wigs to wear while working out are cool and lightweight. Open-weft wigs are the best if you are going to be sweaty and need to feel a breeze on your scalp. They are even more cooling if you have a monofilament top instead of a closed top. Synthetic materials are more lightweight than human hair fibers. They won’t weight you down and will hold its style throughout your gym routine.

Wear a ball cap. Wearing a hat is a great choice for exercise. Place any ball cap over your wig and put it in a low ponytail. And you have a cool solution to overheating. If you have a wig that can no longer be restored for day to day wear, make it your gym wig. By wearing an old wig to the gym, you avoid damaging any of your newer pieces. If you happen to have a ball cap, it can be a good way to secure your wig.

Use wig tape and headband.  While you are working out, all that jumping, movement and tension is pulling on your hair. If you do not secure your wig properly, you’ll probably experience accidental slipping. Makes sure your wig straps, clips or combs are securely in place. For added safety, wig tape and a headband are recommended. Even the wig tape loses stickiness, the headband can still keep the wig on your head. You can also add a few bobby pins at the ear tab to keep your wig in one spot.

Wash it frequently. If you’re going to the gym in your wig, you’re going to sweat. The lining of your wig will absorb perspiration. If you constantly wear the same wig without washing, it will get smelly, especially for those who sweat a lot while working out. The best way to protect your wig from excessive sweating or damage is to keep it clean. So be sure to wash you gym wig frequently.

Also if you want to get rid of the smell really quickly before the shampoo day, you can use a skin toner to freshen up any unwanted odors for the lining or a spray on dry shampoo. But this way won’t get rid of the odor completely , so just keep that in mind. The final solution is always washing your wig frequently and keep it clean.

Be confident. Someone may say that you shouldn’t be too concerned about your appearance, while the truth is most of us care to some degree of what we look like. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be wearing wigs. So the last thing for you to go to the gym is to be confident. With all these tips and preparation you’ve made, you have to believe that you own the best workout wig now. Wearing wigs shouldn't limit you while exercising! Just be sure to wear a comfortable, secure piece that won't limit you during your work out.

Ideally you should work out without a wig, allowing your scalp to breathe and preventing you from overheating. But sometimes when you go to the gym and exercise, you do need to wear wigs to avoid the embarrassment of being bald or having thin hair. In this case, select a fitness wig that best suits your needs. Don’t let wearing a wig stop you from doing anything. Hope these tips can help you navigate the problem that bothers you. What’s your gym routine? Do you have any tips or tricks? 

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