Products for Beginners to Slay Wigs

Just like you start learning new skills, you may always feel at a loss when you have little experience in wigs. You have no idea what products you should use to style and customize your wigs. Equip yourself with correct products and tools enables you have more fun with wigs. What are the essential items for wig beginners? We’ll show you some basic items to get you started on your wig journey. Let’s just get into the must-have wig items.

Wig base products

Wig grip. The wig grip keeps the wig on your head. You don’t have to glue her down every day. Even if you work out or swim in it, it will keep the wig in place. Only one wig grip can last a very long time and still hold on strongly.

Wig cap. Using a wig cap that is close to your skin tone is so important you can buy them in big packs or you can just go to your local beauty supply store. But there’s no guarantee that they’re gonna have your wig cap especially for chocolate girls. Get you a wig cap of your skin tone and that will make your lace look more seamless.

Custom lace products

Bleach powder & developer. When it comes to bleaching knots, a combination of powder bleach and 30 volume developer can take down that brassy color and bleach your knots pretty well. Mix these two products together, apply them to the knots and leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Mixing bowl & brush. It’s also important to have a mixing bowl and brush. A lot of people like use popsicle sticks when they’re applying the bleach onto the knots. But brush seems to make it easier so you won’t press the bleach into the lace and have it bleed through.

Root cover-up spray. Usually root cover-up spray will have a concentrated nozzle. When you spray it, use the spray far away. What you do is to spray it onto the lace to tint it and make it closer to your skin tone. You also can use this spray for bleeders. A bleeder is when you are bleaching the knots it bleeds through the lace and gets onto the hair and your roots turn blonde. You can get the hair color of your choice and use the spray to cover up. Because sometimes you can’t help if it bleeds.

Washing / Styling products

Baking soda. Put some baking soda in some lukewarm water and put your wig in it. It will take all the products off without making it really harsh. One tablespoon should be enough to make your wig very soft and you can follow it with a conditioner.

Conditioner. You may not want to spend a lot of money on conditioner because you don’t want to use and leave too much product on the wig. Always choose a moist conditioner to moisturize the hair. Just make sure the conditioner doesn’t consist of alcohol and stuff as alcohol will actually dry the hair out.

Curl activator cream & Coil calm detangler. These products are for curly hair and affordable for many girls. You can get them from your local beauty supply store or online. Try not to use curl activator cream too much at a time. If you are heavy-handed, it may look too oily and weigh down your hair. Use it in a spray bottle with some water. When you use coil calm detangler, just spray it in and run a detangling brush through the hair. It works like a dream.

Spray bottle. Make sure you get yourself get a regular spray bottle because you have to spray your hair down. And that’s really important. By the way, you can get this from anywhere.

Mousse. If you want to slick down the sides of your hair or slick it up or define the curls at the end of your hair, get yourself a mousse that is long-lasting but not sticky. Mousse can also add some shine to your hair.

Detangling brush & Razor comb. If you have curly hair or kinky curly hair, running a detangling brush through it will create curls that are so soft. A razor comb will help you to cut hair without being so harsh. When you layer your hair, cut baby hairs or something like that, a razor comb is a good tool.

Wig making products

Mesh wig cap. The reason to use a mesh wig cap is because it’s more breathable and it’s easier to puncture with the needle. Wig caps come in different sizes, choose the one that suits your head circumference.

Wig head. Another thing you need to make a wig is a wig head or mannequin head. Try to purchase a wig head with the same size of your head. If all you have is a smaller wig head, put some tape on it to make it like the size of your head.

T-pins & Needle & Thread. Also you will need some t-pins to press down the wig into the Styrofoam head. You can use it to hold your closures in place while you sew down your tracks. Of course you need wig needle and thread too. They are easily accessible and you have figure out which thread works better for you on your own. 

Elastic band. When you’re making your wig, it’s so important to have elastic bands. If you couple an elastic band with wig grip, you never need to worry about wig falling off. They are absolutely necessary for a good secure wig fitting.

Wig wearing products

Got2be glue. There are two types of got2be glue: got2b glued water resistant spiking glue (yellow tube) and got2b ultra glued invincible styling gel (black tube). The detailed comparison of these two types can be found here. Whichever you choose, use it with got2be freeze spray. It will works better to hold your wig in place and prevent it from slipping back.

Disposable stretch headband. Stretch headband works magically to lay down wigs. Some of you may use scarf but scarf can be bulky and it doesn’t get to the places that you need it to get to. In contrast, stretch headband has more stretch. It gets to the areas like behind your ears and it helps to melt it down easier.

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