Secrets Revealed About Got2B Glue

When it comes to wig wearing, you cannot miss the part of Got2B glue gel. It’s a good product to keep your wig in place and helps blend the lace and your skin. But you may hear some people say something negative about this stuff and complain that they lose their edges or mess up their lace wigs. In fact, it’s their lack of knowledge about this product. You may have been using it wrong! Keep reading this article to acquire some tips about proper use of Got2B glue gel.

It’s not a glue

The first misconception about the Got2B glued product is that it is a lace glue. It has the word “glue” stated on the bottle of this product, but this is not a lace glue. Some of you may know that but lots of people do not know this truth. It should not be used as an wig unit adhesive for lace for long-term use. If you want your wig to lay for an extended period of time, this Got2B glue is not your option. It can only keep your wig in place for no longer than about two to three days. As time goes by, the weight is going to lift your wig. So do not use this stuff as a long-term adhesive.

Remove oils from your skin

Make sure that you remove the oils from your skin before applying the Got2B glue gel. There are lots of girls who think this product doesn’t work for them. Actually it’s probably that they are not cleaning their skin before applying the gel, which will certainly affect the result of Got2B glue gel. Our skin produces oils, impurities and grease, especially if you have makeup. What you should do is to grab your cotton ball, swap it with some alcohol, and clean the perimeter of the area where you apply the Got2B glue gel.

Apply mousse or conditioner

The next misconception is using the Got2B glue directly to lay your baby hairs. This is a wrong doing. You should use a softening product before you go in with Got2B product, like mousse or conditioner, so that the humidity and stuff don’t get into it and mess up the baby hair pattern you later lay down. You should not just go in straight with this Got2B glue and lay your baby hairs. Because when you do that, your baby hairs are going to become stiff and stay in place. So it’s a good idea to do your baby hairs first with some conditioner or mousse, and then go on laying a light layer of the Got2B glue gel on top of your baby hairs.

What if the lace lift up

You know sometimes people will wear the wig for more than a day and  wear wigs to bed. Then you may come across the issue that the lace may lift up. You need to check your hairline each day to make sure the lace is still tacked. If there's a little bit of lace lifting up anywhere, you can just apply a little gel or even just the freeze spray to the lifting area, apply pressure with a little heat, and everything should be fixed. Just make sure you control how much you use because there will be white residue. 

So you can go back and dab with some alcohol to take it away, turn your blow dryer back on with a comb pressing down on the very tip of the lace, so the lace doesn't get loose again from the alcohol. Just repeat the steps and play around with it until you get your desired look. If you follow a good regime for hair and skin care, this gel will definitely come through for you!

Remove Got2B glue gel with caution

Got2B glue gel is not a glue but a cheaper temporary alternative to a glue. And it’s also safer than most glues but it can still put your edges out and irritate your skin. So you cannot just pull your wig off your head after using Got2B glue gel. To protect your own edges, you’d better take a wet hot towel with steam coming off it and apply it to the area where you’ve applied Got2B glue gel. Let that steam go in and break up the hardness and durability of that Got2B glue gel. Just proceed with caution when applying and removing this stuff.

Cleanse residue off the wig

Another misconception about Got2B glue gel is ignoring cleansing Got2B glue residue. Actually this is not a misconception, but being lazy. But it’s an important part. Make sure you that you rinse and wipe the residue from your lace and from the areas where you applied Got2B glue gel. Got2B glue gel is perhaps the most residue-leaving product you’ve never used. The white residue will definitely affect the look for your next application. Just remember to wipe or wash that residue off with some shampoo and conditioner.

Choice between yellow gel and black gel

There are two types of Got2B glue gel, the yellow one and black one. They have different effects respectively. Get the one in the black tube it stays on longer and will not give you any white residue. The yellow gel is for edges not wigs, if you use it on your wig it wouldn't stay on for long. Don't use your fingers when attaching frontal. The oil on your fingers is causing the residue. Use a rat-tail comb to lay the frontal. 

There is a ton of misconceptions about this product. If you are using the product in the ways we name here, you’ve probably been using it wrong. Don’t feel bad. We’re here to help you out and share more knowledge about Got2B products so you can use it correctly. Hope these tips are helpful. Comment down below to share your tips and tricks when it comes to Got2B glue gel whether it’s the yellow one or black one.

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