Stop Ripping Out Your Edges

Unless your wig is sown down or glued so tightly that they lasted for days, it’s always a huge task to quickly remove the wig gel or glue without damaging your edges. It’s not suggested to sleep in your wig because over time your edges will get pulled out. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to take wigs off in a daily practical manner and protect your edges. Keep reading to learn how to glue and remove your wig daily with no issues.

Easily-made mistake

You may have been through this many times. When it comes the end of the day where you just want to take off your wig and go to sleep. It’s all crunchy and secured. But you are so tired and you just want it off as soon as possible. No matter how eager you, do not pull the wig off. It gives you bald spots in the lace. Do not take water or wetness and spoil the whole front to get if off because you have to restyle it and dry it and then it gets all slimy. Don’t be that person that thinks they can pull it off gently. There is no such thing. You will end pulling your edges gently and over time you will be bald.

Applying and removing got2be glue

Don’t worry! There is a solution for you to take your wig off neatly without messing all that got2be glue. To remove the got2be glue quickly, there are several things you need to pay attention to when you are applying and removing the got2be glue.

Applying got2be glue:

1.When talking about saving your edges, it’s also important to know how to apply the got2be glue on. If you are using got2be glue in the wrong manner, you’ll become a victim of ripping your edges. Do not put the gel on your hair. Instead, try your best to put the gel on your skin as close as you can get to your hair.

2.Pull the wig into the place where you want it and apply the lace onto the gel. Use the end of your tooth brush to start pushing the lace into your skin, trying to melt the lace into your skin for a natural looking. Take some more gel to make sure those sideburns stay locked down. then take your comb to lay your baby hairs. It’s safe, easy and not messy to apply got2be glue this way.

3.The best way to protect your edges while using got2be to lay your frontal is to use 3 layers. It may sound like a lot but it’s worth it. Put the first layer down and let it dry and do the same with the second layer. The first two layers is to lay your edges down and to protect them and the third layer is to hold the frontal in place. It works and is very simple and last.

Removing got2be glue:

1.Comb the hair and get it out of your face. Take a spray bottle with water in it and spray it directly into the lace. This does not get water in your face. Your makeup stays on and it gently removes the wig. Just wet the part that needs to be wet instead of messing up your whole hair. The water is only getting into the baby hairs and it’s not dripping down your face. After you let it sit for 30 seconds, it comes off very quickly.

2.When you take the wig off, put it on the mannequin head and spray the baby hairs with water again. Use a toothbrush to comb it all forward. Doing it very gently because you don’t want to pull your baby hairs out. This way is to save your baby hairs and keep the rest of the hair dry and to clean off all that gel. And the wig does not get wet and it’s still ready to wear and the front is clean. If you want you could even design the baby hairs. So that when it dries in the morning, it’s already ready to go and you don’t have to style it.

Other items to remove wig glue

Since got2be glue is not real glue, you may get rid of it easily with water. But for other real wig glue, you probably need special items to properly get your wig off and protect your edges effectively. The products that you may need when you are ready to remove a wig from your skin:

Lace Release: Basically just spray this all along the perimeter of the frontal portion of the wig where you apply the glue. Spray a fair amount on the actual wig and massage that into your skin. It releases the glue on your skin and your wig will lift up. It is definitely worth to invest in some type of remover.

EZ Off: Once the wig is off, you may notice that there is white residue or actual glue residue on your actual skin that is left over. That’s where EZ Off adhesive remover comes in. Just use a face cloth or a towel, and rub those areas where you may have some leftover glue residue and it will come off really easily. 

C-22 Solvent: You may flip your wig and notice that there is build-up from glue on your wig lace. C-22 Solvent is a good solution to this issue. Spray it the entire portion of the front where the glue is at with a good amount. Let it soak for a few minutes. Do not soak it too much because it will loosen up the knots on the wig and cause more shedding than your wig may have had before. Then take a toothbrush to brush those gel residue off the lace. Do not go too hard with the toothbrush as it may cause extra shedding as well. 

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