The Best Back-to-school Hairstyles

How time flies! A new semester has already begun or is approaching soon. Have you prepared everything for your new school year, including your new hairstyle? A new term signifies a new start. It’s a perfect time for a change. Stop clinging on to those regrets and unhappiness in the past, and embrace the campus life with a new look. That can be achieved by changing your hairstyle and wow your schoolmates and friends with a stunning image. Find the best back-to-school hairstyle in this article.

Short bob wig

Even if it is almost the end of summer, it’s still pretty hot in temperature. To avoid applying a wig on a sweaty head, short wig style is always popular at this time and serves as the first choice for back-to-school life. And one more advantage about bob style is that it’s easy to care and quick to install, which will save you loads of time and efforts. With those lovely bob hairstyles, you can devote yourself into study life while still maintaining gorgeous appearance.

You may worry that bob wigs are way too short for you. No worries. Who said you need to get a pixie cut? Pixie cut is choice for those who are bold enough and feel super confident about their face shape. You can find a variety of lengths for bob wigs, jaw line length,  shoulder length or any length between pixie cut and long hair. In addition,  choosing a bob wig with choppy layers can also frame your face shape. A bob cut always look cool and modern. Go for a bob style with bold colors can make you the focus of the new campus life instantly too.

Long straight wig

Heat may be the reason that hinders you from wearing long wigs in summer, but girls always have a special affection to long hairstyles. Longer hair gives you more room to have fun with colors, layers and styles. All kinds of braids and various accessories like clips, hair bands, hats work in best combination to help you handle sweat issue in hot days. Appropriate tools can not only make you stay cool but also give you versatile hairstyles.

For ReadyWig good quality synthetic wigs, the best sellers for the last two months are long straight wigs in red, gray and pink, just as the following figure showed. It totally shows that hot temperature can never win over the allure of long hair wigs. Even if you are more of a lazy girl, you’ll be amazed by yourself when you realize how perfectly it matches you. Besides, straight long hair always presents a sense of sleekness and smoothness, feeling like you are so tender and gentle.

13*6 curly wig

Since lace part really makes a big difference to how natural the wig will look on you, 13*6 lace wigs have become increasingly popular. More lace area means more space to style parting and hairline. A natural wig look is always important for your school life, because nobody wants to suffer from that embarrassment of inauthentic wig look or exposed wig line in front of your schoolmates and friends. A good image before the public is essential to make more friends and integrate into campus life.

Undoubtedly, 13*6 wigs come with versatile colors and styles. Among all those 13*6 wigs, long curly wigs stand out. Long hair combining layers is just the embodiment of being mature and sexy. Perhaps you are not a freshman and you want to look more grown-up and sophisticated so that you may find a internship job. Then 13*6 long curly wig is your optimal choice. If you think black color is a little bit conventional, plenty of bold colors are waiting for you to explore, such as red, blonde, copper red and more. 

Colored lace front wig

If you are a good observer, you should have noticed that bright and bold hair colors are easily spotted on the streets. In current society, people are more open-minded and self-assured, and the hair color is an expression of their uniqueness and personality. They’re not afraid of conventional prejudice or judgment. They remain true to themselves and eager to pursue beauty. For dynamic younger generation who are still in campus, they are exactly this type of person. So colored wigs would be the optimal choice if you want to save your natural hair from being bleached and dyed repeatedly.

But do remember that when you select your colored wigs, go for lace front wigs, as lace wigs will always give you an authentic hairline and realistic parting. You have more freedom to style your colored wigs. Speaking of hair colors, ReadyWig has provided plenty of choice, including red, blonde, green, orange, purple, pink, grey and brown. These hair colors look so vibrant and trendy texture and layers  make them even more alluring. Take you time and pick your favorite hair color and length to prepare for your campus life.

It’s never too late to start your wig shopping for your new image!

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