Want A Change Bleaching Your Hair Extension

Bleaching hair is a necessary step before you color your hair. If you’re looking for a hair color change and go the salon or the stylist for help, they often bleach your hair first and then dye your hair the color you want. Plenty of people may feel doubted why do they need to bleach their hair first. Actually it’s because bleaching will remove the current pigment of your hair so that you can add another pigment to your hair. Obviously, bleaching your real hair can be really harmful. In this case, bleaching your hair extensions would be an alternative. Follow these simple steps to bleach your hair extensions like a pro.

Step1: Wash your extensions thoroughly. You may have been wearing your extension for many times and normally extensions are sewn into your own hair. It’s highly possible that your extensions has carried lots of dirt, makeup, oils or any product buildup. So it’s definitely necessary to clean your extensions completely before the bleaching process. Wash the extensions with a gentle shampoo for at least two to three times to make sure all the impurities are one hundred percent removed. Then allow your extensions air dry on a separate sheet of foil.

Step2: Purchase a bleach kit. Got to local beauty store to purchase high quality powder bleach and developer. Get a 20-volume developer to lightly bleach the hair, and  30- to 40-volume developer to deeply bleach your extensions. If you are using a harsher level of developer do not keep the bleach on hair long. The mixing bowl, brush and protective gloves are essential too. After all, you are going to deal with chemical products, it’s important to protect your skin.

Step3: Bleaching preparation. Remember to wear an old t-shirt and put on your gloves when you work with bleach. Also if you have long hair, tie it back in case it get in the way of the bleaching process. Cover the table where you will bleach extensions with a piece of foil because you don’t want to ruin your table.

Step4: Mix powder bleach with developer. Put the bleach and developer into the mixing bowl with proper ratio by following the instructions. The normal rule for the ratio is 1 part bleach powder to 2 parts developer. Mix them into a consistency of pancake batter and make sure thee are no lumps in it. If you’re bleaching the extensions in a room, ensure that it’s well ventilated in case the stimulating smell may hurt your eyes and nose.

Step5: Apply bleach mix. Use the brush to apply the bleach mix onto one side of the extensions from top to bottom. Comb your hair through and flip the extensions to brush bleach to the other side. Be generous with the amount of bleach and make sure every strand of the extensions is fully saturated with bleach. Then fold the foil to cover the extensions and let it sit alone. Check the color of it every 10 minutes until you get the color you want.

Step6: Rinsing and toning. Rinse all the bleach out of the hair and wash it with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the chemical processing of the bleach. If you find the extensions too brassy, you can apply a toner to get rid of the brass coloring and make the hair tone warmer or cooler.

Step7: Conditioning and maintaining. Use a leave-in conditioner to help heal the damage done by bleaching. And then let it air dry completely. Rather than turning to heat tools, air dry will do less harm to hair extensions. Shampoo and conditioner without ammonia are specially designed for blonde or bleached hair. Purple shampoo can also make bleached extensions look more vibrant.

You may ask what’s the point of bleaching the hair at home? Well, it saves you a great amount of money to go to the salon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the process of bleaching the hair extensions at home. You will realize how amazing it is turn your black hair into blonde and then color it into whatever color you are longing for. You know, girls are always willing to spend time on something that can bring them beauty and fun.

Just so you know, there are lots of blonde hair in ReadyWig and it’s a lot easier to tone it down rather than to boost a black bundle, so you can just buy the blonde and tone it down to the level of blonde that you like. That would be much more easier for you than bleaching because bleaching is a time-consuming process. But anyway, bleaching your hair at home can be risky, so remember to take proper steps and be careful. Have you ever failed to bleach hair at home? Comment below to share your experience.

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