Ways To Remove Glue Off A Wig

It’s the end of the day and you have to take off your makeup and of course your wig. What normally happens is when it’s time to go to sleep, you don’t care about your edges. You just want the wig off. Nothing is worse than sleeping with a wig on. I totally believe that you’ve been there too. However, improperly removing your wig can result in you losing your edges. Girls, wake up. We’ve got solutions for you and show you how to easily remove the glue from the lace for a clean frontal.

Liquid sanitizer

It’s something that everyone probably has at home or you can simply buy it from local drugstore. Some people feel it a pain to use alcohol to remove the lace glue, then liquid sanitizer could be a good option. The main ingredient of liquid sanitizer is alcohol, but it’s a gel coated alcohol. It allows to sit on your frontal after you apply it and allows it to be removed a lot easier.

Just spray some pumps of the sanitizer to your hairline. You can also put it on your hand first. The cool thing about using sanitizer is that it actually stays put for the most part unless you apply too much. Leave the sanitizer on your hairline for about a minute and gently massaging it. Massaging helps it separate from the lace as well. After one minute, try to lift the wig off. Rub your hairline with the washcloth to remove the remaining residue. Apply some sanitizer to the glue that’s left on the inside of the lace, and let it sit for about a minute. Then take your washcloth to rub the glue off the lace.


You could use sanitizer if you use got2be glue gel and free spray as well. Actually you don’t need to because got2be glue comes off simply with water. Rose water and soap water works too. So an easy way to remove your got2be glue gel is to take a little spray bottle, and fill it with water. Instead of drenching your whole scalp with water, just spray the water directly into the lace along your hairline. This does not get water in your face, your makeup stays on and it gently removes the wig. It’s like just getting the part that needs to wet instead of messing up your whole hair. You can use any types of spray bottle like a perfume type of dispenser.  After you let it sit for 30 seconds. The wig is going to come off just as easy as well.

When you take the wig off, put it on the mannequin head. And then spray the baby hairs with water again and use a toothbrush to comb it all forward. Doing this very gently and do not pull your baby hairs out. Doing it this way is a way to save your baby hairs, keep the rest of the hair dry and to clean off all that gel. So basically all you need to do is continuously to spray it with water and brush the gel off the baby hairs. And you can also design the baby hairs so that when it dries in the morning it’s already ready to go and you don’t have to style it. As an alternative, another thing you you could use if you don’t have a spray bottle handy is a wash rag. Take a wash rag, fold it up, wet it and wring it out to slightly damp, and then pat it along your hairline.

Rubbing alcohol

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is often used to remove glue from lace wigs. You’ve got two option: 50% alcohol and 91% alcohol. A lot of people prefer to using 50% alcohol because front roots are delicate. Less alcohol concentration will do less harm to the wig. But with 91% alcohol, you’ll be able to get the glue off without having to overwork yourself. Soak your cotton ball with alcohol of choice, and then start to remove the glue from your front wig in a circular motion so that the glue can loosen up. Work one section at a time, starting from the most nastiest area. Just keep on doing it and put a little bit of pressure but not too much.

Never be a lazy girl. Cleaning the adhesive off the wigs must be one of the most tedious aspects of wearing a wig. But in order to protect your edges and extend the lifespan of your wigs, it’s definitely necessary to grasp how to properly remove the glue off your lace wig. Share with us in the comments if you have better advice.

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