Ways to Store Wigs

Wigs are an investment. We all know wigs can be super expensive and pricey. If you want to get your money’s worth, to invest in the care for your wig is important as well. To properly store wigs and maintain them can promote the longevity of wigs and make them last a really long time. Some people might just throw wigs around but end up with getting very mangled and tangled. For people who have many wigs, it’s indeed an issue to think about where to keep all those wigs. What’s the best way to store wigs so that they can keep their pretty style? This blog is all about how and where to store wigs when you are not wearing them.

Before storing wigs

When you go to keep your wigs, whether they are human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, make sure the wigs are clean and thoroughly dry. Nobody wants to take a wig out of storage and expect to wear it and then have it be really gummy and sticky and warped because it was dirty before storage. That’s not going to permanently damage the wig but you’ll certainly have to shampoo and condition it and let it dry thoroughly before you can wear it. The reason why you want the wig to be thoroughly dry before storage is because that wet wig can actually take on the shape of the bag as it’s laying there and drying inside the packaging.

Storage condition

Once you finish putting your wigs in bags or on mannequin/Styrofoam heads, make sure to store them in a cool dry place. You should avoid storing them in the attic where temperatures can reach very high and very low. It can be very moist. You also need to avoid storing it the garage or anywhere that’s not climate-controlled. In a word, keep your wigs away from high or low temperature, dampness and also pets and children who may fiddle with your wigs.

Original package

The first way to store wigs is to put them in the original package that they come in. When your wigs first arrive to you in the package, they usually come in a plastic bag. Sometimes the bag is labeled and sometimes it’s not. If it’s not pre-labeled, you’d better write on the bag with a sharpie to note what wig is inside of it. Labeling the bag makes digging through dozens of wigs to find the one you want much faster.

Sometimes you an see a little cardboard strip within the package. The point of this cardboard is so that the wig doesn’t get flattened inside the bag. The cardboard holds the bag up a little bit to keep the wig from being crushed. The cardboard helps to keep a wig styled. Next you’ll see the hairnet that the wig is wrapped up in. This net is to hold all the hair so it doesn’t fly out all over the place. And sometimes you can also see little tissue paper ball inside the wig cap, which is just another step to help prevent it from being flattened.

Actually the big problem about storing a wig in its bag is how to get it back in the bag once you take it out. If it’s a short wig, that’s easy. You just wrap the net around the wig and place it in the bag. For longer wigs, you could hold the wig up with one hand and gather the length of the wig in your other hand. Then take the ends of the wig and put it up inside the cap of the wig. This will make it easier to put the net over it and also helps keep the shape of the cap. Once you have most of the hair up inside the wig, it is much more manageable for storing. And then you just stretch the net around it and put it in the bag.

Plastic zipper bag

If your wig didn’t come with a ball of tissue paper, with a net, or cardboard piece or even a bag. Or that you have an older wig and that you have most certainly lost all of those things by now. That is totally fine! You can still store it in a bag. You can use a little gallon plastic bag with the zipper locks on it and just put your wig in the bag as carefully as you can. Close the bag about 3/4 of the way, press all the air out, and finish closing it. Adding a dryer sheet is useful so that the static electricity doesn’t build up inside of the bag.

Then you could put these bags into a shoe box, a plastic storage bin or a sturdy container that are appropriate to keep these bags with wigs inside. You don’t want anything heavy resting on top of it. It might crush the wig and alter the style. Plastic storage bins are pretty cheap that you can buy right at the drugstore or Walmart. They’re easily to slip under the bed or you can place them on a shelf in the closet. If the wig gets knotted up because it’s not in a net, you get it brushed out and beautiful again with steps mentioned in the blog How To Brush A Synthetic Wig.

Silk line wig bag

Another option is a silk line wig bag. It’s perfectly used for travelling. If you don’t have room for mannequin heads. Silk line wig bag can be your choice. You can lay your wigs really nicely in a drawer. The great thing about the bag is that it comes live in silk and there are so many benefits to keeping your wigs in silk. Silk helps to retain the moisture in your hair, reduce frizz and breakage. That’s why it’s recommended that you sleep on a silk pillowcase at night. Therefore, something like silky bag is great to keep your wigs. If you are spending like hundreds of dollars on a wig, it’s really worth it to invest in good quality materials and proper storage.

Mannequin / Styrofoam head / Wig stand

Another common option for storing wigs is to display them on a Styrofoam head, mannequin head or a wig stand. But the premise is that you have enough space in your room to accommodate them. And obviously they are much more expensive than a plastic bag to store your wigs. But you could use this way to store several wigs that you wear often for quick reach. If you have a large amount of wigs to store, you’d better keep them in plastic bags and then put these bags in storage containers or your closet, which saves a lot of space.

This way is more suitable for displaying shorter wigs. You may be thinking why don’t display long curly wigs? Well, the reason is because the wigs will gather up at the base of the stand and it can mess up the style. It’s easy to get them knotted up if the hair is just sitting there in a pile. The reason you’d better not store curly wigs on stands is because sometimes they can lose their curl a little bit over time due to gravity. But it takes a long time for this to happen. In contrast, straight wigs store better on stands for hanging free helps keep them straight.

Anyway, it’s up to you how you want to store them. If you are going to store it on a stand, just make sure you do it carefully, and you guide where you want the hair to go, like you wrap it around the base. Basically, do not just leave it in a big pile. One other thing to consider when displaying wigs out in your room is that they can get dusty if you don’t wear them often. And no one wants a dusty wig on their head. So if you display wigs, shake them out from time to time to rid them of any dust that may be collecting on them.

When your wigs are stored in proper way, they will look just as good as the first day you got them. Learning how to store your wigs properly at home will help your wig investment long term. When not using, store wigs so they are less prone to tangles and frizz. After reading this blog, you may have an idea to choose which wigs to display in your room and which ones to keep in bags. Hope you find this blog helpful. Comment below to tell us your choice.

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