What Your Hair Says About You

We already know that eyes are the doors to one’s soul. However, before people observe them, you make a first overall impression through your appearance and hairstyle is an important part of your appearance. It takes just a few seconds to form the first impression when you meet a person. Are they rebellious, friendly, seductive or individual? Your hairstyle says more about your personality than you thought. This is why people are willing to spend thousands of hours perfecting their hairstyles. Every hairstyle reveals a certain message about you and people will perceive and judge you through your hair. So what does your current hairstyle say about your personality? Let’s have a look.

Change your hair —— Change your attitude

Have you ever wondered what your hair says about you? If you are a believer in letting your hair do the talking, then you need to make sure you hair is saying what you want it to. If you do not believe the magic power of hair, then it’s time for you to change your opinion. Your strands are saying more than you think. Your hair plays a vital role in making the first impression. Improper hair may convey the wrong message about who and what you are. Anyone who has worn great hair will know suitable hair will enhance your confidence.  Hair is so much more than just a look, it can be a reflection, reinvention or a reinforcement of who you are.

Someone with long, curly, blond hair conveys different messages to people compared with someone with a straight, brown hair. Although your hair choice is intensely personal, it is also very public. You may change your hairstyle as you grow old or you encounter something good or bad, so as to change your mood and proclaim your identity. It can be seen as a sign that you make a big decision or you want to express yourself better to the rest of the world.

In modern times, it’s quite easy to achieve hair change and people are more open-minded towards the unconventional haircut or hair color. In addition, the popularity of wigs also  offers huge convenience for people to have different hair look. Need a big change? Get new hair. Whether you decide to dye your hair, shave it off, wear a wig or hair extensions, drastically changing your hair will make people see you in a different way. Changing your hair can also signal that you have yourself changed and that you are different from who you were before.

1.Pixie cut

Women with pixie cuts ooze independence, strong will and femininity in the most powerful way. If you choose this hairstyle as your perfect look, you are not afraid to take a risk and break with the status quo. As a fearless nonconformist, the pixie wearer is brave and free-thinking, they will happily take their own path. They are probably the epitome of a strong and powerful female, but only a true individual would brave this look.

Source: Getty Images

2.Bob cut

Bob cut is common for females of all ages and it’s no surprise.  It’s very easy to manage and it gives you pretty much no trouble. So if bob is your go-to haircut at all times, you are a straight-forward person who speaks the truth even when it hurts. For people with bob hairstyle, finding a balance between your personal and professional life is just a piece of cake. You’re fearless and very well-organized. You can’t stand routine. And you’d like to experience new things. 

Source: Gary Gershoff

3. Shoulder-length cut

The shoulder-length haircut is a certain in the middle compromise between having either short or long hair. That’s why is the most poplar type of hair length for women. If shoulder-length cuts are the essential part of your look, you are most probably happy with your feminine, elegant and sophisticated appearance. You love to talk and your natural beauty easily attract everyone who crosses your path. You like challenges and new projects and you always come out victor from any situation.

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4.Long hair

For many women, having healthy and long hair became a truly dearest wish. They believe that long hair makes them more appealing. Yes, it’s hard to manage and it takes time to style, but beauty comes first. Styling your long hair the right way can make you mysterious and attractive. If you have long hair, you are usually very careful, patient and dreamy.

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5.Straight hair

Straight hair girls are seen as serious, conservative and straightforward as their looks. People with sleek, glossy and straight hair is a determined perfectionist. Straight hair involving little maintenance, the absence of messy fuzz shows perfectionism. They like things to be under control and running smoothly. For them, nothing is better than to play by the rules. Find the best straight hair here.

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6.Curly hair

Generally speaking, people with curly hair aren’t taken as seriously as people with straight hair. Curly hair is seen as more casual. Bouncy and voluminous curls say elegance, charm and poise. Curly hair wearers like variety and are open to new possibilities. Curls also get more attention, so if it’s stares that you want, then curls are the answer. Discover top-selling curly hair here.

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7.Blonde hair

We all know the many stereotypes about blondes. They are usually viewed as sexy, enchanting and outgoing. When you think of female scientists, the blonde hair image will probably never come to your mind. And also people tend to associate blonde hair with good body shape. Here are some amazing blonde hair.

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8.Gray/Silver hair

Women who go naturally gray or remain gray are considered confident and appear unwilling to bend to societal standards of beauty. They have their own opinions about what looks good and what they like. Gray-haired women may be construed as older than they actually are, but they are comfortable with who they are.

Source: ayisozluk.com

9.Multi-colored/Rainbow hair

Multi-colored hair obviously shows that the wearer bucks tradition and doesn’t care what people think of her. They are not afraid to challenge the conventional society. The wearers are usually young and adventurous. They’re the type who finds beauty in the ordinary and one who constantly seek inspiration. The multi-colored hair is their attitude they want to express towards the society.

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10.Non-traditional hair colors

Those who sport non-traditional hair colors have a sense rebelliousness and a free spirit. Getting a unique haircut says that you’re fun to be with. Your hairstyle shows off your creative personality and carefree spirit. Your hair is only one of the many unique ways you express yourself. Women with pink or red or blue hair are considered as those wanting to call attention to themselves. If you are an artist, actresses or aspiring YouTube stars, color hair will definitely help you set yourself apart from the rest. Click to explore the charm of different hair colors.


So there you have it. Now you know that hair can represent your personality and mood for the day in many ways. If there’s a specific aura that you would like to project on a specific occasion, a wide range of wig selection can help you achieve those looks in just a click. However, hair blends with clothing, posture, attitude, the way you walk and much more. Consider what you want to show when getting ready for a new business or informal meeting and you will send the right message!

It’s normal that if you find your personality does not fit in the description of the specific hairstyle. It’s not pure science, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Also not everyone thinks blonde hair is sexy. What we’re discussing here is to provide you something that you may find interesting to read. As long as you wear your hair the way you feel free, comfortable and confident, don’t let other people’s opinion influence your way to express yourself. Share your opinions in the comments on whether you found some similarities in these description with yourself or anyone else  you know.

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