Which Blonde Shade Are You Into?

Blonde seems to be a hair color that every woman is expecting to try at least once in their lifetime. Blondes are always in style, from golden, natural to ashy. There are so many shades to choose from. And each shade of blondes presents a different look for everyone. Warm honey blonde have a sun-kissed vibe, while cool ashy blonde offers an reserved look. If you are yearning for changing your hair color, go with a classic blonde. But which one should you pick? Here is a roundup of 8 blonde wigs from ReadyWig. Keep reading to find out your favorite one.

Ash blonde

Ash blonde is a light shade of blonde that has an ashy or gray tint. It is on the line of cool-toned blonde hair and looks best on lighter complexions with lighter eye colors. The ashy highlights have the magic to make light eyes pop. Leaving some hair strands is a guaranteed way to frame your face. Actually an excellent choice to make the ash blonde look modern is to add dark roots. The contrast of ash blonde and dark roots enhance both warm and cool complexions and offers an overall balanced and complementary look.

613 blonde

613 blonde is light shade with some yellowish tone. It looks good on people with fairer complexions. This color can further light up your face. 613 blonde hair can give you a bombshell look to stand out at schools, parties or proms. The 613 blonde hair can be dyed taking color perfectly. Even if you are getting tired of the 613 blonde, you can easily dye it into any color you want. That’s why 613 blonde hair is favored by so many people. The dark roots adds contrast to the overall look. If you're looking for a total hair transformation, this is the route to go.

Strawberry blonde

Neither red nor blonde, strawberry blonde hair color is a mixture in between. It’s a warm reddish-blonde hue that can have all the colors of a sunset in it. You can find lots of super stars showing up in the red carpet with a full head of strawberry blonde. You just keep being astonished by the way they slay this uncommon hair color. Well, it’s easy for you to achieve the same look! If you find the regular blonde is getting boring, then switch it to a high-shine strawberry shade. The stunning result is no laughing matter.

Honey blonde

Honey blonde hair is the best option for those who are seeking subtle upgrade of their hair color without making a drastic change while not being to dull. Just as the name suggests, honey blonde reminds people of sweet and warm things. Especially pairing with the long sleek and bright honey blonde hair fibers, your tenderness and femininity are instantly brought out. With this honey blonde wig, you can easily create versatile styles with all kinds of braids. Let this honey blonde take away your dullness!

Platinum blonde

Regarded as the lightest shade of blonde, many people are afraid to try this color. But the truth is that everyone can wear it. White shades of platinum can be warm or cool to suit any skin tone. The cascading big curls take this wig up a notch, feeling like you are the model walking in the runway. The pale shade of blonde seems to illuminate your already-glowing complexion. To keep your platinum blonde hair looking fabulous and bright, use purple shampoo to neutralize yellow tones. 

Dark blonde

What makes this wig covetable is not only the bouncy curls, but also the chocolate caramel tone  with slashes of blonde. The dark roots further enhance the dimensions of the hair. Dark blonde hair reveals elegance and nobility, while those softly rounded locks bring out more femininity and tenderness. A perfect choice for office ladies or those who are pursuing a more mature image. Since ombre hair has grown in popularity in recent years, you won’t regret switching your hair into dark blonde shade. Definitely worth try!

Chestnut blonde

Chestnut blonde hair color is blonde and brown blend. It looks so natural and it’s even better on styles with curl or texture. The dark roots are like re-growth and looks really natural. Some subtle streaks can help to lighten up the color of the whole hairstyle. Chestnut blonde styles look fantastic when the hair is as voluminous as possible. Chestnut blonde hair gives off a warm and gentle vibes, making it a perfect option for autumn month. If you like two-tone blonde, this chestnut  blonde is made for you.

Golden blonde

Golden blonde is a natural-looking and multidimensional mix of butter, gold and honey hues that looks beautifully paired with fair complexions and lighter eye colors. It looks gorgeous under the sunlight. That’s why we call golden blonde  the sun-kissed color. Golden blonde is a color that saves you from lackluster and glow up your hair look. This warm blonde hair shade is perfect for brightening your faces. Girls and women who want to make a huge impression should try wearing their hair in a golden blonde hairstyle.

If you ever Google “blonde hair”, you’ll see tons of blonde hair photos and none of them look at all the same. Well, that’s because there is a wide spectrum of blonde hair, and each shade of blonde has its own charm. What we have listed here is just a few. The whole world of blonde hair is still waiting for you to explore. No longer experience the damage that comes along with coloring your hair blonde. Pick your favorite blonde wigs at ReadyWig, so you can  become blonde instantly and easily switch it to another blonde next day!

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