Which Type of Wig Cap Will You Choose

Wig cap is is an important wig accessory. It allows you to tuck in all of your existing hair. It prevents any flyaway strands of hair from sticking out beyond your wig. It also helps you achieve and maintain a completely natural look while wearing your hair piece and hold your wig in place. It prevents slipping throughout the day to ensure your wig stays exactly how you placed it at the beginning of each day. But do you know the types of wig caps and their respective pros and cons? Here you’ll find detailed introduction to wig cap constructions, so that you can choose the correct wig cap type that best suits your needs.

Basic wig cap

The basic wig cap is also called capless or open weft wig cap. It is a machine sewed into strips of material (cotton, felt, velvet, silk, etc.).  The wefts of open weft caps are less dense with more space between them. A basic wig cap is the coolest cap construction because the spaces in between the wefts allow air to flow to directly your scalp. If you’re worried about overheating or you sweat a lot in hot weather, this is the cap for you.

Pros: lightweight and cool; affordable

Cons: more volume at the top of the wig; lack of styling versatility


It’s also called mono top. Monofilament caps are made with a mesh material that gives the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. You can part your monofilament wig on the side, in the middle, or in any zigzag pattern you like. But monofilament caps can be uncomfortable, especially for sensitive scalps. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, choose a double monofilament wig cap which adds a comfort layer and feels softer.

Pros: natural looking; styling diversity; durable

Cons: high price tag; uncomfortable standard monofilament cap

Lace front

A lace front mimics the look of hair growth at the front hairline. Each hair is tied by hand into a sheer lace material. Lace front caps have lace in the front and wefts in the back. In the front lace area you can part your hair freely. For the webbed area,  there is an elastic net base to make the wig extra comfortable. This allows the hair to move naturally at the hairline and creates a more natural-looking transition from forehead to hairline. A lace front wig cap costs more than a basic wig cap.

Pros: natural hairline; more space for styling

Cons: Higher price; sheer lace

Full lace

For full lace hair wig caps, each hair strand is tied onto a mesh base to create the most natural hair growth and provide a super soft base. With a full lace wig, wherever you part your hair it will look natural. It imitates the natural movements of real hair. It can even be worn in a high ponytail or up-do. A full lace wig requires many hours of work to make. But it worth investment considering its unique features.

Pros: natural hair look; free parting

Cons: expensive price; sheer lace

Wig cap options for wig making

Mesh dome cap

It has an elastic band all around the edge of the cap so it has a lot of stretch. It fits snug around the head. So it’s very good for glueless units when you make closure wigs. Dome cap actually comes in two different sizes, regular size and extra large size.

Ventilated cap

It’s a cap with the plastic on the back. It doesn’t have any stretch at all. In the back, it has latches that is the only part of the cap that actually stretches. With the latches, you can make the cap smaller by attaching the match through the hoop.

When it comes to making the wig on a sewing machine, both caps are great and easy to sew on. Compared to the one-size-fits-all caps, it saves time to make a wig. When using the dome cap on a sewing machine, always do a zigzag stitch. On the ventilated cap, it’s better to use a straight stitch, because straight stitch allows the plastic to come off of the cap a lot more easier. When you wear a wig, sometimes your scalp itches. With the mesh dome cap, you can feel but you can’t physically get to that area. With the ventilated cap, once the plastic off, you have all the space in between there so you can stretch your scalp. Ventilated cap is way more breathable than mesh dome cap.

Good understanding of wig cap constructions helps you choose the best wig cap that suits your needs. Take advantage of a variety of wig accessories, brushes, and wig caps to look and feel your best while wearing your wig. 

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