Wig Care and Styling Tips

You may have been wearing wigs for many years or you are just new to wigs or you’re planning to get your first wig. No matter how long you have been dealing with wigs, how to care and style your wigs will always be essential and necessary. To make your wigs last long and make them look natural and beautiful is our ultimate purpose. This article is perfect for wig beginners or wig lovers who want to know how to care for and style their synthetic or human hair wigs. Keep reading and let yourself be wig-related knowledgeable!

Wig wearing

1. Use bobby pins. Instead of sewing needles and thread to secure your lace closure wig or wig in general, use bobby pins. Especially when you don’t have time to sew your hair down to secure it tightly or you don’t know how to sew, you can just simply use bobby pins or hair pins. Some people don’t like wig combs because they can put pressure points and cause headaches later in the day. Or if you don’t have wig combs attached to your wigs, bobby pins are a good choice.

2.Use a wig cap underneath wigs. This will make your hair look so much more natural. It does not only get rid of friction among your edges in your hair or braids, but also serves as an anchor for your wig to prevent it from slipping back.

Wig brushing

1.Detangle from the ends. Detangling is super important in maintaining your wigs especially you have like super curly texture wigs. When your hair get tangled and you prepare to brush it with a comb, always start from the bottom and work your way up to the top, just as what you would do to your natural hair, so you’ll lose less hair and get the tangles out a lot quicker.

2.Use a paddle brush. When you are combing your hair, use a paddle brush. The bristles really help your hair to stay in place and without being broken off or damaged. Don’t use a normal brush to detangle your synthetic kinky Afro-type wigs, try to use a paddle brush to give the hair more fuller bigger volume. Just use wig brush to get rid of any tangles.

Wig cleaning

1.Use dry shampoo to remove oil from hair. Instead of having to wash your completely, use dry shampoo to eliminate all oil form your hair. It’s so convenient and won’t weigh down your hair. You can use dry shampoo for both human hair and synthetic wigs. It works just as well. If your wig seems to be falling flat, dry shampoo will give the wig a boost of life. With this product, you don’ have to worry about that sticky oily hair any more.

2.Wash the wig regularly. Dry shampoo is okay for special occasion wigs that you don't wear every day, but if it's an everyday wig or a wig that you have been sweating in, you must submerge that cap in some water to eliminate that sweat smell, makeup residue as well as bacteria. Wig cap cleaning should never be neglected.

3.Use Argan oil or serum. It makes the hair look moisture at all times and also helps with the longevity of the hair. Argan oil or serum can be used on both human hair and synthetic wigs. When you dry your wigs, follow up with a spritz of water and some Argan oil before you put them away. It really makes them smoother, especially the synthetics.

4.Use a hanger to dry a wig. When it comes to drying a wig,  you can take a hanger that you hang up your clothes and place the wig on the hanger. Leave it in the shower room overnight and in the morning it should be dry enough to wear. So you don’t have to use the blow dryer and prevent the wig from heat damage.

Wig storage

1.Keep original wig package. If you want your wig to last, you have to store it properly. Storing your wig back in the package that it came in. Do not throw your wig package and hairnet. The hairnet keeps all the hair together and holds the style in place. That’s why when you pull the wig out the package the curls are still fresh.

2. Use zipper bags. One of the wig regimen is to store wigs in Ziploc bags, keeping them fresh smelling and protecting them from dust. Sometimes you may get lazy when you come home and you just throw your wig off. But do remember that if you want to maintain your wig you have to store it properly.

Wig styling

1.Refresh the curls with flexi rod. If you find your curly or wavy wig is starting to become flat and the curls are falling, take a flexi rod to curl the hair. Take a small section of the hair and your flexi rod and begin to wrap the hair around the flexi rod. Go with your blow dryer on medium heat and then blow-dry the hair. Do not put the blow dryer directly on the hair otherwise you may melt it or burn the hair.

2. Fill in bald spots with waterproof liquid eyeliner or mascara. When you are trying to customize your lace wig, make sure you use waterproof mascara or liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t smear it in your hair. If you over pluck your lace frontal, it can fill in any bald spot. Even if your part is too wide in your natural hair, mascara or liquid eyeliner can be useful.

3.Use a face powder to fade black knots. Instead of bleaching your lace closures or lace frontals or your wigs, if you don’t know how to do that, an easier way to fade those black dots in the roof of the lace, you can use a powder foundation that matches your complexion or your scalp to make it look natural. Concealer also works to give the wig a more realistic look.

4.Use baby powder to remove shine. If you want something more natural, try to find hair that is less shiny. There is a couple of ways that you can get rid of the shine. You can either sprinkle baby powder or dry shampoo all over the wig and brush it out. This will kind of take the shine down.

5.Use concealer to create natural parting. You can put concealer on your lace to try to blend it into your skin so that it looks kind of seamless. You can do it along the part of a wig or just the front of the wig. The concealer option looks really good from far away and it helps blend it but this may look inauthentic up close it. It kind of emphasizes the lace pattern on your head. If the color of the wig cap is not the color of your skin, take a powder that is your exact skin tone and powder the roots of the wig.

All these simple tricks will make your wig life easier. Whether you are a wig newbie or pro, these tips should help you avoid countless mistakes while dealing with wigs. Hope you find something useful in this article. Share with us how you make your wigs last a very long time. What are your tips to care and style your wigs? Do you have a wig regimen, or are you a lazy wig wearer who doesn't care for your wig. 

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