Wig Tips You've Got To Know

How to take care of and maintain wigs is always a hard issue for new wig wears. Good quality synthetic wigs and of course human hair wigs are not cheap. You’ve got to make sure every penny you spent is worthy unless you’re not on a budget. And every wig wear wants to figure out how to make a wig last longer. Luckily, with proper care and maintenance, this can be achieved. Keep reading to learn some basic wig care tips to extend the life-span of your wigs.

Dry shampoo

How do you keep your wigs clean? The first thing that comes to your mind might be washing. This is one of the commonest and effective way to keep your wigs clean. But some people personally do not submerge their wigs into water because it may get tangled and matted and lose the integrity of the wig. Then dry shampoo should be an alternative method. Dry shampoo is so convenient. You just shake it and spray it on your hair. It literally revives the hair and take that excess oil out of the hair. If you are feeling like your wig is falling flat and it doesn’t have as much body, try the dry shampoo and it will give it a boost of life. You can use dry shampoo on both human hair and synthetic wigs. 

Conditioning spray

Conditioning spray is another product you’ve got to have. Dry conditioner or detangling spray work well too. With just a simple spray onto the hair, you can easily run your fingers through the wig hair. But be careful with synthetic wigs, because these products contain a lot of oil. You don’t want to cause too much buildup on the hair. So using dry conditioner for synthetic wigs would be a better choice.  

Paddle brush

Detangling wigs is also super important in maintaining your wigs, especially you have wavy or curly texture like kinky Afro wigs. Use a paddle brush if you want to give you hair more fuller and bigger volume. Always start form the ends as you would with your natural hair and move up. You can spray the conditioner while you are brushing so that it would be easier to detangle.

Flexi rods

If you find that your curly or wavy wig is starting to become flat or the curls are falling, go for flexi rods. Take a small section of the hair and begin to wrap the hair around your flexi rod. If it’s synthetic wig, get your blow dryer on medium heat and blow dry the hair wrapped around the flexi rod. You’d better not put the blow dryer directly on the hair. You are risking melting or burning the synthetic fibers. Just enough to get to heat it up so that it starts to take form of the curl. What you can get is a loose curl and you can finger it out so that it blends with the rest of the hair.

Another way to refresh the curls in your wig is by billing a cup of hot water, putting the flexi rods in your hair and just dipping the hair into the hot water. Be extremely careful and do not burn yourself. Get tight curls with the hot water dipping method and loose curls with the blow dryer method.

Storage bag

Another important thing to make your wig last longer is to store it properly. Storing your wig back in bag that it cam in or creating another storage bag. It’s super important in maintaining your wig. Sometimes people can be lazy. When you come home, you just throw your wig off. But if you want to maintain your wig, you have to put it proper storage. Do no throw the packager and hair net it came with. Store your wig back to the original package will keep all the hairs together and hold the style. That’s why when you pull the wig out the package, those curls are still fresh. The mesh hair net helps hold the style in place so the hair isn’t going anywhere. 

Choosing a right wig isn’t easy, and this is true of keeping your wig last longer. It requires time and efforts. But if you are a true wig lover and want to make full use of every penny you spent on wigs, then keep yourself acquainted with some useful tips. All your efforts will be paid off eventually. Hope you find these tips mentioned above useful.

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